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X-Box One = X- Box NONE!


I just had a horrible experience with Microsoft’s X-Box technical support.  One that is going to cost them DEARLY!

I spend hundreds of dollars a year in video games that will now most likely go to Sony.

I’ve been having a hard time with my Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag video game for the X-Box One.  It started out once my in-game ship pulled into port at Nassau.  A prompt came up asking if I wanted to pull into Nassau.  I said “Yes”.  And the game simply CRASHED!

Hoping it was just a fluke, I ended up trying again… CRASH!

Pissed, I looked online for a solution to find out that I’m not the only X-Box One customer to have had this problem.  There were many others dating all the way back to 2013.  And you can count on half a hand how many of them found a solution (though very complicated) that worked for them.  So I tried all of these things.  Nothing worked.

So I simply told myself:  Microsoft is going to have to give me a download copy of the game and allow me to see if that works as a suitable replacement.  But if it were only that simple!

So I contacted them earlier today and spent hours troubleshooting my game system.  My phone dropped the call a couple of times with one tech who never even bothered calling me back after the second time.  And the other guy ended up being about as useful as tits on a bull.

When everything was said and done, and they realized that nothing they had me do to troubleshoot was worth a steaming pile of shit, the guy contacts whoever he was supposed to contact to see about getting me a download copy of the game.  After waiting yet again about 20 minutes, the guy comes back on the phone to tell  me that they cannot do me the courtesy of permitting me to get a download copy of the game.

What a crock of horse shit!

But I still have another option.  I have the replacement plan on my system from where I originally bought the lemon.  So I will attempt to dump it back off on them in order to get a new system that will HOPEFULLY play this game.  And if that fails, I will simply sell my POS X-Box One and turn ALL of my gaming business toward Sony.

I originally felt like it was my patriotic duty to buy this piece of shit instead of the PS4, which of course is made by the Japanese-owned Sony.  So I am now sick of anyone who spreads that bullshit around.  When American-owned goliaths like Microsoft become too damned big for their britches, then I feel there is NOT ONE DAMNED THING wrong with no longer supporting them.  WHO CARES if we give our business to a foreign company!  A better product is a BETTER PRODUCT.  If American companies don’t like it, then maybe they should compete better with not only better quality assurance for their products, but also better support for the lame pieces of shit that they obviously didn’t care to take the time to develop properly in the first damned place.

I conclude this article with a picture of Bill Gates getting a well-deserved PIE IN THE FACE.  If only it had been a huge pile of steaming, corn-filled shit instead!

Bill Gates Pie Face.gif



Character Reveal: Cliff


Cliff is a disgraced paranormal investigator who once had his own television show on the Discovery Channel.  But when its ratings started to decline, Cliff’s associate producer talked him into using props to steal some ratings back.  But when the same “friend” turned around and blew the whistle on him, claiming no involvement himself, Cliff’s show was tanked.  And all funds that would have been used to produce future episodes was diverted to the very one who betrayed him.

Now, most people who know of him hold him in contempt of honor.  They feel he is a joke and a coward for having attempted to take the easy way out and doing it in such an insulting and deceptive manner.  But he does still have a few loyal supporters.  It is one of these supporters who gives him the opportunity to salvage his reputation by permitting him to take point an a very important investigation in Montgomery, Alabama: the “Girl on the Highway”.  

It’s a Mad World!


If you had told someone 30 years ago that we would be carrying wireless phones which boast the capability of taking pictures, allow paying bills, permit shopping, allow playing video games, act as a flashlight, allow you to read electronic books, allow listening to music, allow watching of videos, allow the receiving of electronic messages, and offer free long-distance, they would have looked at you crazy and asked you how much doobage you had been smoking!

Today’s technology, on the surface, looks like a wonderful, amazing, and wonderfully amazing thing!  But is it really that good for us?  After all, many people feel as though it makes us lazy and complacent.  Now people are able to shop online with their phones and personal computers.  That does save gasoline and wear and tear on your shoes.  But the downside is that you deprive yourself of healthy exercise.  And you also have to be patient and wait for your product to arrive and hope it arrives in top condition.  In some cases, you have to pay for that shipping.  So, sure!  It’s definitely convenient.  But is it really worth the cost of our health, overall condition of your new product, and the labor used to deliver it?  To some, perhaps.  But to others, definitely not!

Technology is not the only thing muddling up our now complicated lives.  United States tax laws are more unfair than ever before, allowing the rich to stay rich while keeping everyone else in the struggling classes.  Tax laws  are more complicated than Chinese arithmetic!  Our justice system is shot to hell and needs to be put down like a rabid animal.  Nowadays, we have the best justice system that money can buy.  You used to be able to retire at the age of 65.  But because people are living longer (lifespan now is 80-years old where it used to be 70), people are having to work longer.  Sometimes it makes me wonder if I really should be thankful for the advancements in medicine.

Things used to be so much simpler when the cost of living was not higher than people’s salaries.  One spouse used to be able to stay home and handle household duties and supervising the children until the other — the primary breadwinner — got home from work.  Now it takes dual income in order to live even the slightest bit comfortably.  And because parents today are not able to spend as much time with children, many children get involved with friends who aren’t the most savory to parents.  Thus they sometimes end up being criminals at a young age.

Do we really want our youth here in America to earn the criminal label before they become adults?  It doesn’t help that teachers are now so knee-deep in paperwork requirements that they barely have time to grade their papers, much less spending one-on-one time with each pupil or student.

Add to this the fact that most companies are under the gun in meeting financial goals that they now only care more about a person’s production than they do their livelihood.  Thus, many employees get unfairly fired and have to find ways to support their families.  It is no wonder that some of them end up robbing banks, snatching purses, and dealing drugs in order to feed their family.  I remember when you could work somewhere and the boss really showed how much he cared for his workers, and it was mostly genuine and not just a put-on.

Finally, debt has become an American staple in modern life.  Our government serves as the perfect example of inept spending quite possibly exceeding other countries in this area.  And most American adults are now in debt.  Many more nowadays are filing bankruptcy due to this spend what you don’t have American culture.  Credit card and loan companies get away with tempting people into situations in which they do not need to be.  And on top of this misdeed, they are allowed to charge exorbitant fees.

So technology — however good and impressive it is — still does not forgive the fact that life is now more complicated than it really needs to be.  Whatever happened to humanity and compassion in day-by-day society.  I truly believe it has gone extinct.


Men: How You Can Train Your Inner Dog!


Most, if not all women, have heard the old saying:  All men are dogs!

But as men, we all know this is simply not true.  Because how can we be dogs when dogs are man’s best friend?

I propose that all men have an inner dog within him.  The dog comes out more and more as we go through puberty and beyond.  From there, it is up to us to eventually tame this dog lest it wrestle control from our general psyche, making us do and say foolish things that we may or may not live to regret.  Some men want to let the dog run free and hump the leg of every beautiful woman who crosses his path.  Others prefer to gradually introduce this inner dog to a woman of deep interest in hopes that she will eventually decide that she likes the dog.  In places like England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand, many men freely allow and encourage their dogs to chase pussy from one end of the town to the other!  Some men have completely given up on training their inner dog after having tried.  Sadly enough, some men don’t even realize they have an inner dog.  And they never realize it until they do something totally regretful.  In my personal case, I was single and made a vow to God in prayer that I would never bed a married woman.  Never mind the fact that premarital sex is a sin in the Bible!  Well, one night, under the spell of Red Dog and the enchantment of a woman who I’d kissed before noticing a wedding ring on her finger, I broke that vow.

Many men out there know just what I am talking about.  Maybe some of them have made complete asses of themselves before they realized that there was this little obnoxious and annoying puppy in their inner being.  Eventually, a puppy becomes a dog.  And the dog eventually may reign supreme…or so it seems.

I’m here to tell you:  You can teach an old dog new tricks!

In the Marine Corps, I used to be one of the most hopeless womanizers.  I should have been in school, getting a bachelor degree at the base educational facility.  But I was in the bars instead, carousing and chasing the fairer sex.  Eventually, I met my ex-wife and my current wife.  And, sure!  I had a period of wildness between my divorce and my second marriage.  To me, it was a good time to let my dog off its leash.

Anyone who knew me when I was single would probably have never guessed that I would be one of the most faithful men a woman could ever hope to marry.  And my ex-wife and wife both know that I am a truly honorable husband.

So how did I go from being the canine king to the faithful husband of the year?  I trained my inner dog.  And here is how you can too:

Single man dog training:

  • Don’t get involved with anyone with whom you work!  It may seem cool and exciting at first, but there is nothing cool about getting shit-canned because you dipped your pen in company ink.  Just try feeding your dog when you don’t have any money coming in!
  • Don’t mix business with pleasure.  Because the people with whom you work may be able to get dirt on you to use at a later date.
  • Always wear a condom during sexual encounters.  A pregnant woman either becomes your wife or rich on your tab.  Keep in mind that every father should make great efforts to support his children.  Getting married can also crimp your lifestyle if you are not ready for it.  In this case, your dog may not just roll over; he may just roll over and play dead!
  • Control your liquor intake, or it will control you.  Your dog may just go barking up the wrong tree!  I found this out when I was drinking under age in 1989.  A gorgeous babe was staring at me from the other side of the bar.  So I just walked up to her and started kissing her.  I thought things were going very well until I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Next thing you know, I turn and get sucker punched.  To add insult to injury, I was too drunk to defend myself.  If I had been more sober, maybe I would have realized this girl was at the bar with her boyfriend who ended up not taking too well to seeing us kissing.
  • When you are wasted, do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  You really should not even do it if you have had anything to drink.  But I got into the habit of tossing my keys into the air and seeing if I could catch them as I walked out to my car.  I never did have trouble catching them.  And I never did get pulled over and busted for having been drinking.

Married man dog training:

  • Never allow yourself to be alone with another woman other than your wife in enclosed quarters.  If you have to, be sure to leave a door open so that you may be able to have witnesses if the time ever comes for that.  A good witness comes in handy when your watch dog isn’t watching closely enough.
  • Never let your dog go where it doesn’t need to be.  Just as you would never let your dog run around in the streets, you need to watch where you maintain your company.  Married men have no business being in bars.  Some men think that wearing a wedding ring in a bar will keep women from hitting on them.  Actually it is quite the opposite.  Many women take great pride in luring men away from their marriages and in between their sheets.  Neither do they have any business being in their home with only another woman who is not their wife.  Likewise, they should not be in another dwelling alone with another woman who is not their wife.
  • Don’t fall for society’s stimulating suggestiveness.  Women wearing next to nothing advertising whatever it is they are advertising is likely to make your dog drool.  Be strong!  Don’t let your dog go anywhere near such advertising, no matter how much it tempts you to stare.  Television shows now glorify cheating on your spouse.  Talk about a sure way to get your dog into the doghouse if not put down altogether!
  • Always remember that honor is a rare commodity in today’s world.  Who says a dog cannot be a gentleman?  There is a painting of a bunch of dogs playing cards together.  So I guess this artwork blows that theory to hell!

These are some of the ways that I have trained my inner dog (at least as far as the married tips; for I used to always let my dog run stray when I was single!).  So what about your inner dog?  Is it ready for a Scooby Snack?

Gone: The Good Ole Days!


It is NOW OFFICIAL!  Gone are the good ole days!

You’ve probably heard many of us middle-aged, old-timers, and middle-aged old timers say:  “Gone are the good ole days!”  And if you were never around during these good ole days, then you probably haven’t the foggiest to that which we are referring.

  • Days when stamps only cost 10 cents a piece
  • Days when you could leave the doors unlocked in your house and automobile
  • Days when you could safely drop money and an honest person would see it and give it back to you.
  • Days when you could see a movie for less than $5.00; these same days, you could get a movie-ticket, a regular-sized soda and popcorn for under $10 (now you are lucky if you can just get a ticket for under that same price!)
  • Days when you could watch television, and the worst cuss word you heard was “hell” or “damn”.
  • Days when you could actually go to work knowing that your boss actually gave a crap for his / her employees instead of the money they brought in to the business; now it seems to be the other way around:  They care more for the money employees bring into the business and could care less what happens to the employee.  If worse comes to worst, they’ll simply just hire another one without batting an eyelash in most cases.
  • Days when politicians punished corruption instead of engaged with it.

I could actually go on and on.

You may be wondering what brought up this longing for the good ole days.

Unfortunately for me, personally, gone are the days when a writer can expect support from his local community.  Two days ago, I contacted the Montgomery Advertiser and found out from the dank, rotten mouth of Allison Griffin that self-published writers are in a subclass and do not “rate” the coverage that traditionally-published writers are often afforded…at least here in the Montgomery, Alabama metropolitan area.  This opinion is likely shared by WSFA, the local television station here.  I sent in my press release and called to confirm its receipt, and the fellow to whom I spoke sounded as though he would have had more interest sitting on a toilet after guzzling one of those quart-sized bottles of Texas Pete.  And I do not understand this lack of community media support.  Somewhere, I missed the damned memo that we are pariahs to the writing community!

I can name several instances of EXACTLY why we self-published writers arguably deserve MORE local support than traditionally-published writers:

  • First of all, and foremost, we NEED it more than the traditionally published writers.  In most cases, we have limited funding and do not come from money the way many of your most successful traditional writers do.  Money seems to travel in certain successfully unfair circles.  Those who have it seem to be a magnet to others who have it.  The opposite could be said as well.  Those who do not have it usually repulse those who have it.  Maybe you guessed the best definitive word for this:  SNOBBERY!  Here in the Montgomery area, it is alive and well!
  • Self-published writers have to work a hell of a lot harder and invest a lot more money to become successful.  And in most cases, this investment comes at a large cost being that we self-published writers mostly do not come from money.  Traditionally published writers have teams to handle each separate aspect of the writing business (e.g. printing, publishing, marketing, etc), whereas the self-published writer has to either handle each aspect himself or pay someone to do it.  As a matter of fact, when I dreamed of being a writer as a teenager, I erroneously thought that writing was 80 percent writing, and 20 percent marketing.  Now I realize that it is the other way around.  At the rate I am going, I will have to spend four times marketing my book that it took me to write the damned thing in the first place…and this is only to see a “reasonable” rate of return for my investment of time and money, which were both at a premium to begin with!
  • Many traditionally-published writers no longer live in the community for which they ask for support.  For example, is it unheard of for a small-town writer to move to the big city and land their first and subsequent book deals from a huge-named publisher?  I think not.  And this is because most of us self-published writers have loyal and unbreakable ties to the place we call home.  We refuse to sell out in the name of the almighty dollar.  And for this reason alone we UNDENIABLY deserve public support.

Please do not get me wrong.  I am not saying that traditionally published writers do not deserve public support from their hometowns and / or anywhere else for the matter of that.  After all, I’m not the one who put them into a subclass and spoke looking down my nose into the telephone receiver.  You have to talk to the Montgomery Advertiser’s Allison Griffin about that…but good luck getting in to see her.  I waited more than 15 minutes in the lobby of that god-forbidden news-rag in an effort just to see ANYONE about journalistic and book promotional opportunities.  I was finally given the number of one of their executive editors and told to call.  I guess gone are the days when you can go into a business and actually be seen by that whom you originally asked to speak.

As I said before, SNOBBERY IS ALIVE AND WELL in Montgomery, Alabama!  And the first chance I get (after my Mom passes away here in Alabama), I’m taking my ass (along with the rest of me, of course!) back to Memphis, Tennessee!

My day will come.  And I may end up getting picked up by an agent who will realize that I know my fecal matter.  And I may end up becoming published by a traditional publisher.  But it will certainly not be because I came from money…hardly the case!  I could never have been so fortunate.

But when that day does arrive, I will remember the kind people I met along the way, like Bryan Henry of WSFA (who has really tried to help me but found that certain decisions were out of his hands).  I will remember them and give them courtesies that I feel they earned long before I ever was able to say:  I MADE IT!

Note:  I proudly stand by everything I have written here today.  If you wish to contact Allison Griffin and / or the Montgomery Advertiser to condemn their behavior, to tattle on me, or whatever other reason, I encourage you to do so.  Here is their number:  334-261-1580.  The snobbish Allison Griffin can be reached at algriffin@montgome.gannett.com by email.