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…And Then There Was Ebola



As sure as the chicken being the fastest bird in Ethiopia, the Ebola virus has been in the news for the past few decades, if not longer!  So I pose this question to you:  Why in the hell is it only just now getting into the United States?

I propose to you these possible conspiracy theories:

  • ISIS somehow managed to get this most-feared disease through our borders, secretly manipulating events in the lives of all the victims who have brought it over.
  • Somehow, the government has willfully allowed the disease into our borders.  Perhaps the president is behind it.  Many feel that the president is actually a Muslim-in-chief with the purpose of destroying our country from the inside out.  So it would make perfect sense for him to nurture any opportunities to have Ebola slip in among the people he claims to be protecting.
  • The CDC is and has been testing various diseases upon the American nation without its knowledge.  The highest levels of government may or may not have known about these clandestine activities.  Perhaps the people who have brought Ebola into our country have somehow been allowed entry as part of this same initiative.

These are just a few of the conspiracies I’ve heard.  Do I believe them?  Not really.  But it DOES seem very strange to me that Ebola is only JUST NOW making it into our country for as long as the disease has existed in the headlines.  What has changed, making it possible for this biological nightmare to enter our country?  Doesn’t this make you even the least bit suspicious?

What has changed?  What has enabled this disease to make it within our borders?  At the very least, I would like some answers.  And I would like to see whoever is responsible have to answer to this major breach of protocol, up to and including imprisonment (or maybe even execution, if it can be proven that the individual allowed the disease intentionally).

Am I crazy to suspect that there may be some sort of serious scheme at play behind the scenes of governmental power?

As for those who are panicking at the mere mention of disease’s name, I feel most of them need to chill out.  The only people who I feel are worthy of panic are those in Texas or Ohio where they have good reason to believe that Ebola victims may have entered their borders (or at least those who may have been most likely to have come into contact with it.

Please feel free to express your thoughts in comments of reply to this article.


The REAL Untouchables



Anyone who has observed the Obama Administration in action knows who the real Untouchables are.  There are enough scandals in this administration to make a gangster or gang-banger blush!  Many feel that our president has more leniency than Elliot Ness did not just in real life, but in the film and series of the same name: The Untouchables.

Looking at our president alone, we have different words and actions that many say violate his Congress-given laws as President of the United States:

  • Many Americans feel he recently overturned a long-standing policy that we will not negotiate with terrorists.
  • “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward in helping to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible, making sure that our businesses are getting the kind of support and help they need to grow and advance, to make sure that people are getting the skills that they need to get those jobs that our businesses are creating,” the president said. 
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a 47-page ruling Jan. 25, 2013 upholding the U.S. Constitution against Executive branch violation of the Constitutional separation of powers, in its ruling that President Obama violated the Constitution in making recess appointments when the Senate was, indeed, in session.
  • Monday, in a 248 to 163 vote, the US House of Representatives turned on President Obama by invoking the War Powers Resolution to prohibit funding U.S. military operations in Libya. The House adopted an amendment to a military appropriations bill to end what some Congressional leaders have called Obama’s dictatorship and behaving like a king.
  • “…the president again violated the separation of powers, and this is becoming something of a serial violation for the president,” and was a “shot across the bow” in many areas of presidential power.
  • Appointment of a “shadow government” of some 35+ individuals termed “czars” who are not confirmed by the Senate and respond only to the president, yet have overarching regulatory powers – a clear violation of the separation of powers concept. Obama bypassed the Senate with many of his appointments of over 35 “czars.”

And there are many more supposed violations that I found on the web.  

I say:  “If all of these accusations are true, then why is he still in the Oval Office?  Either we have a Congress that does not have enough integrity and backbone to do the right thing, or many people are simply ignorant of Constitutional Law.  Either way, why the hell can’t we all just get along?”

As for Nancy Pelosi, the only thing I can think of — right off the bat — is that she is battier than a donkey on heroin.  But here is what I found:  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday called the recent in-pouring of Central Americans across the U.S. border an “opportunity” rather than a “crisis” — and added a personal desire of hers.

I say:  “Why the hell should we reward illegal aliens for breaking our laws?  To me, this is just asinine.”

As for Harry Reid, the only thing I can blame him for is being stupid.  But that is not against the law.  When I consulted the Web, I found:  

  • Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dedicated a page on his official Senate website attacking private citizens, Charles and David Koch, the libertarian business leaders and philanthropists, and that action may be backfiring on Reid.  The Louisiana GOP (LAGOP) says that action, and others by Reid, violate Senate ethics rules which specifically prohibit using the official websites with the Senate.gov domain for partisan political campaign purposes.
  • The Washington Examiner reports “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has received campaign contributions from people and political action committees linked to multiple companies suspected of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

And this brings us to Hillary Clinton:  Even while the congressional investigations were being conducted, FOX News came out with an exclusive report about many weapons, vehicles and supplies were stolen by Libyan jihadists.  In fact, according to Fox News, a former American-built training camp, abandoned (not destroyed) by U.S. forces which left the country after the Benghazi debacle, has now been over-run and is being used by jihadists to train terrorists!

The Obama administration response to Benghazi remains horrendous, at best.

At Thursday’s Congressional investigation, Democratic Congressmen walked out of the room while victim families were testifying.  While at the same time, Hillary Clinton granted an interview with the New York Magazine which continued to “whitewash” the entire Benghazi scandal!

I say:  “To me this is quite appalling if it is true.  People died, for crying out loud!”

Overall, I feel that people in such positions of government should be held to a higher standard, since they represent all Americans.  Whenever we permit people in these positions to violate the Constitution, then we are no longer American, in my humble opinion.  Our Forefathers in history, though not perfect by any means, stood against oppression, and many of their brethren died fighting for the very American ideals that are noted in this historic and sacred document.  

I’m not saying that we need to take up arms against our Nation.  I’m just saying that our government is supposed to be democratic, and not a monarchy.  Many people I’ve spoken to claim that we live in a much different time than our Forefathers.  But the documents upon which we base our laws contain timeless principles.  Sure, slavery is no longer around as it was then, but Amendments have been taken to account for all of this.  

Once we allow government officials to become untouchable, then we fail in epic proportions as Americans.  The government answers to We the People, not the other way around.  If our President has indeed violated the law, then hopefully our system will try him and punish him for it.  But as of lately, I keep hearing about transgressions with no ramifications.  According to the latest news, John Boener sued the president.  But we’ll just have to wait and see if it goes anywhere.  Strangely enough, it’s almost as if he and all in his cabinet are untouchable.  

Note:  The various bullet points and some of the other information herein was taken from various news articles I’ve excerpted throughout the web.  I am not attesting that everything in these excerpts is factual, but only samples of what is being circulated over the world-wide web.  

Dangerous Mathematics


I hate to admit that I have only so far retained only about half of what I learned in college, and — unfortunately for me — college algebra is not one of the things I remember very well.  However, I DO happen to know that 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 is NOT 1.  But the Obama Administration would have us think so and actually break the law doing it.

For those who haven’t been watching the news and and don’t know what I am talking about, President Obama just recently broke with tradition from the “zero negotiation with terrorists” policy by trading five terrorists (I believe I’ve heard that three of them masterminded the 9/11 attacks!) for one soldier, a guy named Bowe Bergdahl. (I believe I may have read somewhere that the guy was an army deserter).  GOP lawmakers have stated that he has broken the law by conducting this prisoner swap.

Did Obama break the law with these actions?  I guess it depends on who you talk to.  One elderly woman I spoke with the other day told me that all the presidents have been conducting prisoner swaps for years in total secrecy.  If this is true, then I guess Obama’s transparency is to be commended.  But without seeing proof with my own eyes, I have to withhold that commendation.

In my personal opinion, trading 5 bad apples, three of them literally explosive (!!!), for one guy who unlawfully left his post is just asinine.  Not only does it put the lives of countless Americans at risk, it also sets a bad precedent and sends the following message to terrorists:  “All we need to do is kidnap as many infidels as possible so that we can free all of our brothers in terror!”  I don’t know about you guys, but I think the messenger of such a message should be shot.  

I’ve heard people argue:  “If that had been you, wouldn’t you have wanted to be freed so that you could get back to your family.”  To this, I answer:  “When I served in the Marines, I never deserted my post.”  There was a time when I was 24-hours UA (unauthorized absence) in Mackay, Australia.  I had the following conversation with my officer and staff NCO (noncomissioned officer) in charge:

“Where the hell were you, Sanderson?”…this, from my staff NCO.

“I’m sorry.  I thought we had to be back by noon today instead of yesterday.”

“You need to listen more carefully when you are in liberty formation, Lance Corporal.”

“You never answered my question, Sanderson.  Where were you?”

My staff NCO would not let this go!

“I was with a girl I met last night.”

The two men looked at each other with grins on their faces.

“Did you get some pussy?” my staff NCO asked.

Reluctantly I nodded my head, trying unsuccessfully to hide my grin.

“Right answer, Lance Corporal,” said my OIC.  “Dismissed.”  I snapped to attention, did an about face, and left his cabin feeling very lucky that they were letting that slide.  

So there are a lot of questions left by this trade:

  1. Was it really unlawful?
  2. Is anything going to happen to the president?  (It seems like nothing ever does, like he can do whatever the hell he wants without any fear of reprisal.)
  3. Was the swap really worth the cost?
  4. Will Bergdahl face the music for his desertion?
  5. Will this action change our policy toward terrorist negotiation?
  6. Did Bergdahl get any pussy while he was not where he was supposed to be?


If you are Putin, You Probably Have Problems with Gas


President Obama recently targeted one of his sanctions against a Russian oil billionaire named Gennady Timchenko.  This rich Russian businessman controls Gunvor Group Ltd.  Due to this man’s direct financial interest with Putin, many consider this the ultimate kick in the crotch to the country and its president.  It is expected that as a result of this sanction, many oil producers, traders, and banks will be reluctant to do business with Gunvor Group.  

So I guess it is safe to say that if you are Putin, you may have some serious gas problems.  Yes, indeed!  I went there.  How could I not do so?  I mean the man is walking around with a bull’s eye on his head (or maybe his hind quarters!) and a cross-out symbol over his face.  He is becoming as popular as that famous skull and cross bones image that seemingly got hijacked directly from the flags of pirate ships directly right onto bottles of poison!  

If you ask me, it may be safe to say that President Obama has him bent over the (petroleum) barrel, with his cheeks spread wide, and him ready to say “Awwww”!  After all, it takes fuel to run not just automobiles but aircraft, tanks, and all sorts of other combat-essential vehicles.  Who wants to be Putin when the guy with the sanctions is balling up a big brown fist, getting ready to plunge it where the sun is not supposed to shine?  I wouldn’t want to be Putin or pootin’…neither one is very becoming of any type of world leader placed in the same situation!  😮

So what says you?  Will this sanction affect Russia very much?  I’m no authority on the subject (nor do I claim to be!).  If you happen to be, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d equally like to hear from you even if you aren’t.  After all, we do not have to be authorities on topics just to discuss them as intelligibly as we know how, do we?

Putin, Protesters, Invasions, and Boobs!



When I heard that Russia’s President Putin militarily occupied Crimea against the advice of the United States and our allies, my first thought was:  Damn, Vlad!  You’re stepping on your pecker, my friend!

Vladimir Putin has become quite the celebrity over the last 10 or 15 years.  At one point, he was caught engaging in outdoor activities, shirtless; and mixed emotions ranged from “he’s a hunk” to “put your damned shirt back on, boy!”.  But I really began to like him after I heard about a recent visit to Germany where he was greeted by topless protesters who were angry over his decision to jail members of the anti-Putin rock band, Pussy Riot.  He was actually photographed giving the thumbs up to one of the protesters who sauntered up with her headlights on bright!

My first thought upon seeing this picture was more of a reaction:  I laughed my ass off!  

So, I’m really confused, to be quite honest.  Members of my church feel that Russia’s efforts at invading Ukraine is horrible; and they are all concerned because they know people who live there, some of whom are missionaries.  But I’ve heard that not a single shot was fired when they occupied Crimea.  So I’m not sure, if he is a good guy or a bad guy.  

Obama apparently doesn’t approve of his actions.  But that only gives me more reason to like the man!  But overall, from what I’ve read so far, I think he seems like a really cool guy.  But I’ve not really followed his life and his actions very much.  So this is very much an uninformed opinion.

What do you guys think about Putin overall, as well as his moves into Ukraine?

When the Hell Did the United States Become a Monarchy?


Obama has gotten away with more than his fair share of scandals in and out of the White House; he’s gotten away with lying to the American people countless times; and he has gotten away with rewriting the rules of government in ways that benefit only him and his party.  These same rules of governing were meant to keep a fair balance of power so that no one man had more power than Congress and no one government had more power than its people.  This same balance of power is key to a government by the people, for the people.  Now what we have is a government that prioritizes its own interests above that of the people it laughably claims to represent.

Transgression after transgression, why is he still in power?  Why is he allowed so much leeway and latitude?  Hell!  John F. Kennedy got assassinated for much less!  All he wanted to do was pull the troops out of Vietnam.  But this closet Muslim in patriot’s clothing has flaunted the audacity to apologize — on behalf of all Americans — for our arrogance.  He has even bowed to other world leaders symbolically taking us from being the world’s superpower to the world’s stupidpower.  

Not to sound ugly or anything, but why hasn’t anyone assassinated him yet?  Americans in Benghazi were killed on his watch, and very little was done about it.  Not only did his camp deny their negligence, but he even lied about his personal knowledge that this had been a terrorist attack.  These needless deaths happened because the embassy was not given the security support they had asked for well enough ahead of time that these deaths could have been prevented.  And no one answered for this betrayal by the very hand of our government.  No one ever does!  During the tax targeting scandal, the official responsible was simply moved to another position in government when she should have been fired.  No one has still answered for the mess known as The Affordable Healthcare Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.  The woman in charge of getting the website ready by its October 2013 deadline failed horribly, but — like everyone else — kept her job to only create more blunders within the upcoming weeks and months following.

I once got fired from a major retailer for being honest to customers.  But, only in Obama’s White House can you get people killed and be allowed to keep your job or — in the worst case — only be transferred to another one.

I don’t have the time to list specific examples and instances in this article, but look it up yourself!  You will see that Obama does what the hell he wants to do and continues to get away with it.  We have a Congress with no balls to impeach him; and we, the people, continue to let him stay in office when we really shouldn’t even be letting him breathe, especially after all he has done to discredit our nation and to mock our very faithful and fair system of government.  

Please understand that I don’t really want Obama to die.  I just want him to fear death and act accordingly in order to prevent it from happening.  But from what I’ve seen thus far, he not only acts without fear of accountability; but he somehow gets away with it over and over and over again.  

The United States, with the election of this man who cannot even produce a valid birth certificate, is now clearly a monarchy.  And not one single damned person here in this wonderful country can clearly tell when, where, or how the hell it happened.  

<Sarcastically> Hail!  Hail!  King Obama!