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Launch Successful!


I wish to thank everyone who has purchased An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway on and off the launch event I’ve posted on Facebook.  I seemed to sell 12 copies right off the bat with many more promises from several to soon purchase their copies.

I’ll hardly become a millionaire from the sells of this title as I’m only asking for 99 cents per copy.  But my goal is simply to get my work into as many hands as possible so that people will know and hopefully remember my name and the work associated with it.  So please don’t be discouraged by the price.  Many may be tempted to think:  “The e-book is only less than a dollar.  How good could it possibly be?”  I can assure you, the story is every bit as solid as they come.

However, please be warned that the story is very dark and sinister.  I have a strange feeling that women are going to either love me, hate me, or perhaps both, with an intensity that I’m almost scared to imagine.  They may love me for creating a very heroic female protagonist who ends up being the ultimate hero in the entire story.  But it is also possible that they will hate me for everything that I put her through.  I actually put her through a torture every bit as terrifying as what James Bond himself experienced in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.  My goal was not to create a female James Bond by any means, but simply one who is tougher than most men with whom she works in a male predominant field of expertise, the Alabama Highway Patrol.

So, I now hereby promise you that you are getting a book every bit as exciting as those written by your most famous modern authors, for an incredible low price.  Please take advantage of it now.  Because if sales continue to escalate like I expect them to, the price may end up seeing a small increase.

Thanks again, fellow horror readers!



New Puzzle Piece — GOTH Cover Reveal!

cover reveal oct


As time draws near for the release of Phil Sanderson’s second novel (his first horror!) An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway, we will reveal extra puzzle pieces until the cover is completely revealed sometime around Labor Day next year (this date is tentative, of course).

For more information, please visit Sanderson’s Official Website.  By subscribing, you can receive a free copy of Chapter One!

Character Reveal: Stan


Stan is the troop commander tasked with determining the cause of numerous accidents on Interstate 65 in Alabama, from the city of Montgomery down to Greenville.  After having done everything he can to determine routine possible causes, he suddenly turns from the routine to the unorthodox paranormal by hiring a ghost hunter to hopefully find the answers that he and his assistant couldn’t.

To find out more about The Girl on the Highway, please visit Phil Sanderson’s Official Website.

Note:  Image of “Young Businessman with Headphones” provided  by imagerymajestic  / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Character Reveal: Cliff


Cliff is a disgraced paranormal investigator who once had his own television show on the Discovery Channel.  But when its ratings started to decline, Cliff’s associate producer talked him into using props to steal some ratings back.  But when the same “friend” turned around and blew the whistle on him, claiming no involvement himself, Cliff’s show was tanked.  And all funds that would have been used to produce future episodes was diverted to the very one who betrayed him.

Now, most people who know of him hold him in contempt of honor.  They feel he is a joke and a coward for having attempted to take the easy way out and doing it in such an insulting and deceptive manner.  But he does still have a few loyal supporters.  It is one of these supporters who gives him the opportunity to salvage his reputation by permitting him to take point an a very important investigation in Montgomery, Alabama: the “Girl on the Highway”.  

Sample of Part 2– Paved With Good Intentions


Great news for those of you who are just as excited about The Girl on the Highway as I am!  I just finished Part 2 — Paved with Good Intentions.  It is quickly shaping up to be the most exciting story I’ve ever written!  For your enjoyment, here is a sample from within this latest part I just completed.  Please enjoy!


She found herself comforted by the fact that Cliff’s voice was coming from directly behind her.  Then she felt the temperature suddenly drop!  Her sweat suit was no longer warm enough for her.  She felt Cliff’s left hand reach for her right one, and she took it, feeling a bit creepy by the strange temperature effect.  Cliff’s hand felt very soft, but quite chilly.   “I bet it was the drop in temperature that set the thermometer sensor off a minute ago.”

She heard Cliff’s voice overtaking her to her left, causing her to do the double take.  “You feel it, huh?”

How the hell did he…wait…I still have his hand…she slowly turned to look at the hand within her own.  And she saw a blonde-haired girl, surrounded by a dull light and dressed in a pale overcoat.

Sample from Chapter 1 of “The Girl on the Highway”


Please enjoy this sample from my upcoming work of horror:  The Girl on the Highway !


Tyrese Haroldson, the driver of the tanker, watched what appeared at first to be a dark shadow in the fog up ahead about 20 yards.  He suspected it could have been a motorcycle.  But then he noticed that this object was not moving.  Before he knew it, he saw the outline of an attractive woman’s figure in his lane directly in front of him!  She appeared to be in a slight daze as if maybe she had an accident.  She was dressed as if she were out at a night club on a Friday or Saturday night, wearing a skirt that stopped at the middle of her thighs, and a jacket that stopped just below her elbows.  A loose fitting shirt came down exposing generous cleavage.  Her outfit looked rather retro. 

But his mind immediately shifted into emergency mode as he realized he was going too fast and would surely hit her unless she was quick enough to dart out of the way!  But it appeared that she was frozen in shock, her eyes full of worry and horror.

“Holy shit,” he said as he turned the wheel hard clockwise in a knee-jerk response to miss the young lady.

His instructor saw her too and was in total shock.  Fear shot through his mind as he worried that a woman may have been run over by one of his students as he sat idle and useless in the passenger-side seat.  And this oversight went almost unnoticed until the whole cab seemed to tremble intermittently.  He then tried to grab the wheel and turn it back the way from which it had come, but it was already too late!


Note this sample of literary work by Phil Sanderson is Copyrighted 2014 with all rights reserved.