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Are U Edjamacated?


People are and have always been ambitious.  Traditionally, people have gotten a basic education at whatever school for which they happened to be zoned.  Wealthier people often sent their children to a private school of their choice.  The good news for Americans is that all children here are entitled to a free education through their senior year of high school.  The bad news is that there are fewer teachers, due to a fastly failing economy.  Multiple layoffs in various business sectors, including schools, have felt and endured the crunch.

In spite of the country’s financial woes, colleges and universities still seem to make a good profit, and all of this while an overwhelming number of college graduates (including myself!) are unemployed.  People still believe the lie:  If you want to amount to anything in life, you had better graduate college.  

My bachelor of the sciences degree has only gotten me the best-paying job I’ve ever had in my life!  The big problem was that I was placed in a position where I made almost as much money as my boss.  It got really sticky when he found out about it.  He resented me for having come into his store making almost the same amount of pay that he made.  And the employees resented me for taking the job that — in their eyes — should have been theirs.  I gave upper management the opportunity to set my boss straight, but I only got labeled as a whiner instead.  This clearly showed me that educational degrees only work when everyone in the company truly respects those who earned it.

So this only leads me to ask:  What in the hell is all the hoopla about?  The race to become successful in life leads many people to believe empty promises by those who want nothing more than your money.  They don’t care that you will be paying off a school loan for longer than it took you to earn the damned degree in the first place.  I would just LOVE to see the results of a study where every degreed individual in the entire United States was considered a total success or a total failure in life.  My guess is that most aren’t successful.  Colleges want your money so bad that they mark text books up to more than double of what it took to print them!  Just ask any college student.

But this is America, land of the bankrupt!…where everyone is encouraged to live and spend irresponsibly.  Please forgive me if I sound unpatriotic and / or cynical.  I only call it the way I see it.  This rat race is ruining us and widening the divide between the classes.  Whatever happened to humanity?

If you are Putin, You Probably Have Problems with Gas


President Obama recently targeted one of his sanctions against a Russian oil billionaire named Gennady Timchenko.  This rich Russian businessman controls Gunvor Group Ltd.  Due to this man’s direct financial interest with Putin, many consider this the ultimate kick in the crotch to the country and its president.  It is expected that as a result of this sanction, many oil producers, traders, and banks will be reluctant to do business with Gunvor Group.  

So I guess it is safe to say that if you are Putin, you may have some serious gas problems.  Yes, indeed!  I went there.  How could I not do so?  I mean the man is walking around with a bull’s eye on his head (or maybe his hind quarters!) and a cross-out symbol over his face.  He is becoming as popular as that famous skull and cross bones image that seemingly got hijacked directly from the flags of pirate ships directly right onto bottles of poison!  

If you ask me, it may be safe to say that President Obama has him bent over the (petroleum) barrel, with his cheeks spread wide, and him ready to say “Awwww”!  After all, it takes fuel to run not just automobiles but aircraft, tanks, and all sorts of other combat-essential vehicles.  Who wants to be Putin when the guy with the sanctions is balling up a big brown fist, getting ready to plunge it where the sun is not supposed to shine?  I wouldn’t want to be Putin or pootin’…neither one is very becoming of any type of world leader placed in the same situation!  😮

So what says you?  Will this sanction affect Russia very much?  I’m no authority on the subject (nor do I claim to be!).  If you happen to be, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d equally like to hear from you even if you aren’t.  After all, we do not have to be authorities on topics just to discuss them as intelligibly as we know how, do we?

Successful Writer, My Ass!

A couple weeks after leaving my family, I’ve decided to embark on weekly visits to a local social club in town to hopefully meet friends, and influence people to consider purchasing my book.  The fore-mentioned part of this objective was a success last Saturday night.  But the latter seems to be yet an unrealized dream (rolling my eyes!).

I met a fellow Marine who seemed to know quite a few people at a couple of different social places in the same shopping center.  And he introduced me to them.  At one point, he introduced me as a “successful writer”.  But me — being the humble soul I am — corrected him, stating:  “I’m not successful yet.”

But being ever the good optimist, he argued:  “Your book is on Amazon, isn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Then you are a success.”

Successful writer, my ass, I thought to myself.  Until I can sustain myself properly and completely off my writing royalties, I am reluctant to call myself successful.  It has been nearly a month, since I have sold my novel at all.  I sold one e-book copy each on Amazon and Barnes & Noble one month ago for a total royalty of $6.99.  The idea of someone living off of a mere six dollars and ninety-nine cents in this fucked economy is laughable!  But this is what it means to be a struggling writer.  And I will proudly do it in an effort to pay my dues as a hopeful prelude to something much bigger and better in the just as hopeful near future.

However, it is good just to have a friend to boost my own fragile ego.  But how good is this new friend of mine?  After having just met him, he seems like a good enough fellow.  He has shared his network of fun-loving carousers with me and opened up the potential for me to make new friends as a bachelor once again.  He’s offered to buy me drinks that — had I not been liquored up enough — I would have gladly accepted!  And he doesn’t really appear to be one who is too judgmental; after all, he took the time to defend my lack of success or at least put it into a more positive perspective.

As you read this, you probably wonder to yourself, what the hell does it matter?  At least you have made a new friend.  And if this is what you are thinking, you are probably right!

I guess that the last thing I want to do is go around feeling that I’ve reached my plateau.  Because I refuse to believe that this mole-hill on which I’m currently trudging around is anything bigger than what it truly is.  I want to conquer the Everest of successes in writing.  I want to climb the same mountain that other, more successful writers have climbed…writers like Twain, Poe, Hemingway, Fleming, and Clancy!

And it is hard for me to masquerade as something that I am not, even if — by the definition of others — I am.  Then again, maybe that is what I am doing wrong.  Maybe by telling others that I am not yet successful, this turns them away from even desiring to purchase my book.  After all, isn’t there some saying that for others to believe in you, you first have to believe in yourself?

But how easy is it to believe in yourself when what little monthly income you receive will not even cover a gallon of milk?  But I suppose it is all in how you perceive it.

In summary, I guess I would much rather be successful by my own definition.  Success by my definition would have me at least being able to afford a gallon of milk a month after this supposed price increase due to economic doom and gloom.  Hell, by my own definition of success, I may even be able to buy my own damned cow (grinning).