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X-Box One = X- Box NONE!


I just had a horrible experience with Microsoft’s X-Box technical support.  One that is going to cost them DEARLY!

I spend hundreds of dollars a year in video games that will now most likely go to Sony.

I’ve been having a hard time with my Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag video game for the X-Box One.  It started out once my in-game ship pulled into port at Nassau.  A prompt came up asking if I wanted to pull into Nassau.  I said “Yes”.  And the game simply CRASHED!

Hoping it was just a fluke, I ended up trying again… CRASH!

Pissed, I looked online for a solution to find out that I’m not the only X-Box One customer to have had this problem.  There were many others dating all the way back to 2013.  And you can count on half a hand how many of them found a solution (though very complicated) that worked for them.  So I tried all of these things.  Nothing worked.

So I simply told myself:  Microsoft is going to have to give me a download copy of the game and allow me to see if that works as a suitable replacement.  But if it were only that simple!

So I contacted them earlier today and spent hours troubleshooting my game system.  My phone dropped the call a couple of times with one tech who never even bothered calling me back after the second time.  And the other guy ended up being about as useful as tits on a bull.

When everything was said and done, and they realized that nothing they had me do to troubleshoot was worth a steaming pile of shit, the guy contacts whoever he was supposed to contact to see about getting me a download copy of the game.  After waiting yet again about 20 minutes, the guy comes back on the phone to tell  me that they cannot do me the courtesy of permitting me to get a download copy of the game.

What a crock of horse shit!

But I still have another option.  I have the replacement plan on my system from where I originally bought the lemon.  So I will attempt to dump it back off on them in order to get a new system that will HOPEFULLY play this game.  And if that fails, I will simply sell my POS X-Box One and turn ALL of my gaming business toward Sony.

I originally felt like it was my patriotic duty to buy this piece of shit instead of the PS4, which of course is made by the Japanese-owned Sony.  So I am now sick of anyone who spreads that bullshit around.  When American-owned goliaths like Microsoft become too damned big for their britches, then I feel there is NOT ONE DAMNED THING wrong with no longer supporting them.  WHO CARES if we give our business to a foreign company!  A better product is a BETTER PRODUCT.  If American companies don’t like it, then maybe they should compete better with not only better quality assurance for their products, but also better support for the lame pieces of shit that they obviously didn’t care to take the time to develop properly in the first damned place.

I conclude this article with a picture of Bill Gates getting a well-deserved PIE IN THE FACE.  If only it had been a huge pile of steaming, corn-filled shit instead!

Bill Gates Pie Face.gif



Curiosity and Lack of Patience Breed Sarcasm and More Lack of Patience


Andrew Dice Clay once conveyed in one of his stand-up comedy routines about how someone came up behind him at the end of the line and asked:  “Is this the end of the line?”  To the best of my memory, he replied something like, “No, snapperhead!  This is the front of the line and we’re all standing here backwards.”

My wife family and I were standing in line at Customer Service in a major retailer last night.  There were several people in line ahead of us.  And after about close to 10 minutes, I realized that the line had not moved and looked up at the guy who was standing at the counter where all the rest of us wanted to be.  Under my breath, I said to my wife:  “What the hell!  Is the guy trying to return an adopted child?”

She snickered, and I continued on in my rant, imitating the reaction of the customer service people behind the counter:  “Oh, HELL no!  We don’t want that little bastard back…”

I find myself now looking back, wondering why I made such a rather rude observation and suggestion about an otherwise innocent situation.  And I can only surmise that the curiosity of what was taking the fellow so long, combined with my own lack of patience, only served to make me sarcastic and even more impatient.  It wasn’t that I have a hatred or dislike of “adopted children”.  The fellow being served at the counter may have been a perfectly nice gentleman.  But because we were all standing there excessively long, I — and maybe others — targeted him with my most impatient and possibly bitter thoughts.

On a good note, at least I found a way that my wife and I found some kind of humor in a rather boring situation.

From a Booty Call to a Felony


I cannot believe what I just saw on the local news.  A local store just got robbed!  No, it was not a grocery store.  Neither was it a dollar store.  Shockingly enough, it was not even a convenience store!  It was an adult store known more or less affectionately in these parts as the “X-Mart”.

When adult stores start getting robbed, you suddenly realize that these are indeed strange times in which we live.  In this case, if the pervatrator ends up getting apprehended, the words stiff sentence are going to sound like more than just words that got stuck in someone’s throat!

Our local news station showed camera footage of the crime as it happened.  The cashier opened the register and stepped away from it.  And the robber reached over across the counter, grabbing the cash out of it prior to fleeing the scene.

Several things bug me about this crime.  First of all, what ended up happening to the money after the guy got it out of the register.  I think this is the first time this law-abiding citizen has ever wished for money to have become laundered after a particular robbery.  Secondly, you have probably seen similar footage where the clerk fights off the robber.  If this would have happened, what in the world would the clerk have wielded against the robber?  And is it anything that would have actually intimidated the robber instead of making him laugh his ass off as he ran to the getaway vehicle?  Then we have rights for criminals!  If the guy had bolted out of the store and slipped on a strange substance, could he turn around and sue the business for not maintaining safe conditions?  Lastly, what expression came across the faces of the officers who responded to the call.  And even more importantly, what expression came across their faces as they entered the business?

Realistically, the person who committed this crime more than likely came in at one point or another to stake out the area and plan his actions before acquiring his booty.  I’ve worked in standard retail environments where you can look for suspicious behavior from customers.  For example, if you are an employee who sees someone paying more attention to you than the products on your shelves, then there is a chance that this stranger may be waiting for you to turn your back.  I guess if the products on your shelves happen to be activated and vibrating furiously enough that they are falling off said shelves, you know you have a potential turd in the punchbowl if the fellow is still watching you!  And this is only compounded if the person’s saggy pants are vibrating and / or buzzing as he exits the business.

So I guess there was nothing to alert the employees prior to the robbery.

One thing that many business establish to deter this type of criminal activity is use of environmental measures that make robbery an unattractive option.  Anyone driving by the X-Mart at any time of day will clearly see that — judging by the outside of the store — none of these measures seem to be in place.  For example, several businesses that I managed kept all windows near the cash registers clear.  This was so that police could potentially see any robberies as they occur with no promotional items or other signage in the windows obstructing the view.  There is nothing like this for the X-Mart.  Because there are no windows allowing people on the outside to see inside the store.

So what can an adult store owner do to ensure a robber-unfriendly environment?  It’s not likely they can create and strategically place blow-up security dolls.  And if they could, wouldn’t these be distracted by the inflatable companion dolls with a permanent “O” etched upon their willing faces?  Besides, no good can possibly come from creating “Adam” for “Eve”.

All of this has to be daunting for owners of adult stores.  And my heart, in some strange way or another, goes out to them.  For I don’t know where the answer lies, when business goes from a booty call to a felony.