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X-Box One = X- Box NONE!


I just had a horrible experience with Microsoft’s X-Box technical support.  One that is going to cost them DEARLY!

I spend hundreds of dollars a year in video games that will now most likely go to Sony.

I’ve been having a hard time with my Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag video game for the X-Box One.  It started out once my in-game ship pulled into port at Nassau.  A prompt came up asking if I wanted to pull into Nassau.  I said “Yes”.  And the game simply CRASHED!

Hoping it was just a fluke, I ended up trying again… CRASH!

Pissed, I looked online for a solution to find out that I’m not the only X-Box One customer to have had this problem.  There were many others dating all the way back to 2013.  And you can count on half a hand how many of them found a solution (though very complicated) that worked for them.  So I tried all of these things.  Nothing worked.

So I simply told myself:  Microsoft is going to have to give me a download copy of the game and allow me to see if that works as a suitable replacement.  But if it were only that simple!

So I contacted them earlier today and spent hours troubleshooting my game system.  My phone dropped the call a couple of times with one tech who never even bothered calling me back after the second time.  And the other guy ended up being about as useful as tits on a bull.

When everything was said and done, and they realized that nothing they had me do to troubleshoot was worth a steaming pile of shit, the guy contacts whoever he was supposed to contact to see about getting me a download copy of the game.  After waiting yet again about 20 minutes, the guy comes back on the phone to tell  me that they cannot do me the courtesy of permitting me to get a download copy of the game.

What a crock of horse shit!

But I still have another option.  I have the replacement plan on my system from where I originally bought the lemon.  So I will attempt to dump it back off on them in order to get a new system that will HOPEFULLY play this game.  And if that fails, I will simply sell my POS X-Box One and turn ALL of my gaming business toward Sony.

I originally felt like it was my patriotic duty to buy this piece of shit instead of the PS4, which of course is made by the Japanese-owned Sony.  So I am now sick of anyone who spreads that bullshit around.  When American-owned goliaths like Microsoft become too damned big for their britches, then I feel there is NOT ONE DAMNED THING wrong with no longer supporting them.  WHO CARES if we give our business to a foreign company!  A better product is a BETTER PRODUCT.  If American companies don’t like it, then maybe they should compete better with not only better quality assurance for their products, but also better support for the lame pieces of shit that they obviously didn’t care to take the time to develop properly in the first damned place.

I conclude this article with a picture of Bill Gates getting a well-deserved PIE IN THE FACE.  If only it had been a huge pile of steaming, corn-filled shit instead!

Bill Gates Pie Face.gif



Where the Hell Is Tattoo When We Need Him Most?


If anyone can spot this damned Malaysian airplane, Tattoo can!  I used to see him spotting airplanes every Friday night right there in my living room.  Soon afterward, Mr. Rourke would be his usual charming self, telling all the arriving passengers and guests to his Fantasy Island: “Smiles, everyone…smiles!”

More seriously, I understand the reasoning behind such a highly publicized and highly funded search in which various governments are willfully participating as the officials in charge of Malaysia Airlines are trying to tell understandably and rightfully concerned family members of the missing passengers:  “Smiles, everyone…smiles!” But these worriers want no part of that!  One of these concerned and angry family members said:  “F#*% Malaysia Airlines!”  Can you blame him?  I certainly can’t.

The way that Malaysia Airlines handled this disaster from the start was a total disaster itself.  I heard a news report that all next-of-kin were notified via text message!  Unbelievable!  I would pay good money (if my novel sales were quite better!) to see just what that text message actually said.  Let’s face it!  How do you word a text message that basically conveys:  “We are sorry to inform you, but your loved one will not be arriving on schedule.  They may not be arriving at all.  Because right now, they are likely feeding the fishes with what is left of their water-logged corpses.”

Please don’t get me wrong!  I am sympathetic to these families and can totally understand and partially feel their hurt and anger toward the airlines and this whole mess for which it is responsible.  But what I cannot understand is who came up with the bright idea to notify these people by text!  I mean, this is not cell phone minutes we are talking about, but peoples lives!

So now the world’s humanitarians are tasked with finding the plane, or the wreckage of it, most likely in the Indian Ocean.  If my family had been on that flight, then I would want them to continue the search until it was found.  But what are the true chances that we will find this downed aircraft in the first place?  Let’s face it.  The world is more than 75 percent water, so — if you were a betting person — what would you wager happened to that plane?  And wouldn’t finding it be liffle more likely than finding a nun in a brothel?

I can tell you with 100 percent certainty what didn’t happen to it:  It did not touch down on Fantasy Island to be spotted by Tattoo and greeted by Mr. Rourke.