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Raped by Dr. Huxtable?


Say it isn’t so!  Television’s Man of the Year for every year in the 1980s involved in another rape scandal!  No way!

Upon hearing about this, I felt about as empty as I did when I found out that Kurt Cobain, Michael Hutchence, and Robin Williams had all killed themselves.  But Cosby is still alive and kicking!

He always comes off as some intelligent, witty, funny, wise, and even kind man.  Has he fooled all of us?  Or maybe he is all of these things now, but has not always been.

At least three women have accused Cosby of drugging them and allowing his dark serpent to roam their secret gardens while they were out of it.  Who would have ever guessed that one of America’s most-loved and most-successful comedians would ever have been accused of stooping so low?

I personally love Cosby!  I would love to sit down for a beer or two with him.  But is there really any merit to these accusations?  Part of me hopes that this is another case of bitter, broke people jumping on the band wagon to legal riches.  But the other part of me makes me wonder if there is any true fire to all the smoke that seems to be lingering around on the issue.

What do you guys think?  My readers rarely ever post comments, even though I wish you would.  But I hope to hear at least some of your thoughts on all of this.


Only a Few More Days!!! Don’t Miss Out!!!


Only a few more days before the price of Phil Sanderson’s e-book 2018: An Uncivil War goes back up to $2.99!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the exciting near-future action thriller for only 99-cents!  The book is receiving great praise from those who have read it.  Of those who wrote reviews, 3 out of 4 readers have given it a 5-star review…and that other one gave it a 4-star review.  So the book is definitely worth more than even its regular price of $2.99!

You can get it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Go ahead!  Celebrate the 4th of July with a book that is all about independence from tyranny!  

Megyn Kelly, Black Santa, and Black Jesus



Megyn Kelly, an anchor woman with Fox News, recently came under fire for her remarks that Santa Claus and Jesus were/are both white.  Anyone who watches Fox News knows that she is an educated woman.  So why in the hell would she have made such a remark knowing that it would create such a backlash?  My personal guess is that she figured this controversy would boost Fox News’ ratings within the news network competition.  Other guesses that I’ve seen and heard from other people are:

  • She just wanted to piss off black people.
  • She is culturally and racially insensitive.
  • She’s not as smart as she looks.
  • She’s color blind.
  • She must have been sniffing Greg Gutfeld’s shorts before airing these comments.
  • Lotta, lotta

Only God Himself and Megyn Kelly know why she made those remarks.  But from a traditional and geographical standpoint, what she said is not too far from the truth.  I’ve heard people argue:  “Jesus nor Santa really exist in the first place.  So who the hell is she to remark that they do?”  I personally believe that Jesus DOES exist.  And I know that St. Nicholas, the very figure upon whom tje Santa Claus legend was based, did physically exist as well.

According to Wikipedia:  

Nicholas was born a Greek in Asia Minor during the third century in the city of Patara (Lycia et Pamphylia), which was a port on theMediterranean Sea, and lived in MyraLycia (part of modern-day Demre, Turkey), at a time when the region was Greek in its heritage, culture, and outlook and politically part of the Roman diocese of Asia.

Jesus’ childhood home is identified in the gospels of Luke and Matthew as the town of Nazareth in Galilee.

Most Greeks and most Jews are white.  So when one considers these preceding historical and geographical points, it is quite easy to support that Meghan Kelly was factually correct in her controversial statements.  And this is why she did not get the same treatment from Fox News that Phil Robertson (of the famous reality television series, Duck Dynasty) got from the Arts and Entertainment network. 

So why is everyone so up in arms against Megyn Kelly, treating her like the Grinch who stole Christmas (even though quite a lovely grinch at that!)?  

I personally feel that racism in our country is a fire that eternally fuels and sustains itself.  And having lived in the South most my life, I have seen this firsthand!  I’ve seen non-racial blacks and black racists.  And I’ve seen non-racial whites and white racists.  I’ve seen and heard black racists calling white people crackers.  I’ve seen and heard white people calling blacks niggers.  On top of all of this, I’ve seen liberal America turn our society into a bunch of feeble cowards walking on eggshells.  

Now you have highly successful women like Paula Dean who worked very hard for herself and the success that she attained have to pay a steep price for comments made many, many years ago.  And many of the people pointing the fingers made many such comments themselves.  The big difference:  Paul Dean was famous, and they weren’t.  Even if Paula Dean was ever a racist, attitudes change.  Just because a person used to be a racist does not mean that they still are.

From my own point of view, there are some blacks who have the nastiest of attitudes toward whites, feeling that “they owe them something” for the fact that their American ancestors were kept in the bondage of slavery.  There are also some whites (especially in the South) who feel that blacks should still be enslaved.  Even after the abolition of slavery, this horrible fire still burns.  And you have liberals who continue to throw wood into it and fan the flames.

The sad thing is that some people who are not racists become racists whenever they find themselves the targets of such racists.  It’s never just the blacks or just the whites.  It’s both!  The next thing you know, you have the whole forest going up in flames with the liberals watching, laughing, and roasting marshmallows!

Education is the only way to extinguish these flames!  The educated black person knows that a white person (Abraham Lincoln) went to great lengths to free his ancestors from slavery.  And this same educated individual also knows that the white people living and breathing today had absolutely nothing to do with the captivity of their ancestors.  Likewise, the educated white person knows that not all black people are racist and believe that white people owe them something.

American society has gone to great lengths to make up for the error of their historical ways as far as slavery is concerned.  America now has Black History Month in February.  Civil Rights leader, the great leader Rev. Martin Luther KingJr. , has a birthday that is now a national holiday.  And many blacks have received grants for education that were not offered to whites simply because of their minority status.  

So who the hell really cares what color Jesus and Santa Claus happened to be or what color Megyn Kelly thinks they happen to be?  Why not just enjoy the freedom to believe what you want to believe and move forward in as peaceful a manner as possible!  Let Jesus save you, regardless of what color his skin is or was.  And let Santa Claus bring you gifts, regardless of what color he is or was.  Merry Christmas, everyone!