Paranormalysis — Paralyzed by Fright and Things that Haunt the Night


I have good news and bad news…let’s start with the bad news first.  It’s bad news for my followers and fiction-reading fans, but not for me, really.  I have decided to go back to college, due to my intense hatred of all things retail and all things corporate.

Having spent a wealth of my adult years managing one retail business or another, I’ve come to the same conclusion:  Most corporate retailers don’t give a single damn for the people who work in the trenches to make them filthy rich.  All they care about is their intense greed for feeding the bottomless pit that is within themselves.  Therefore, I have decided to go back to school to become a teacher.

As a full-time college student, I’m hoping that I will be able to work two more years toward achieving a Bachelor of the Science degree in English Education with no problems that will delay me from my goal in helping teach grammar, literature, and creative writing to creative students with whom I may have the fortune to cross paths.  This being said, it will be awhile before I can write another novel.  But I plan to focus on short stories for now, and publication of them whenever and wherever I can.

Now for the good news!  I have just finished the first draft of my very first horror short story, Paranormalysis, based on a true story.  I will also provide a cover tease in this article here:

Cover Reveal

My brother just had a stroke, and I have based the story solely upon him and what he probably feels like in this very troubling existence.  I visited him in Dallas recently, and he was trying to complain about something in his room.  Because he can no longer speak very well, I could not figure it out.  But something was bugging the hell out of him.  I even tried to get others to come over and see if they could help me figure it out.  But we all failed to do so, making him angrier and more upset that we could not figure it out.

Then it occurred to me.  What if my brother had seen a ghost in his room.  And BOOM!  This is the concept of my new story.

Here is an excerpt:

The ghost is halfway around the bed, now only a few feet away from me!  I suddenly see that a plastic cup of water is only about an inch away from my outstretched hand on the nightstand.  I quickly give a very broad sweep of my hand and knock the cup directly at the form fast approaching me!  Water sprays out all over the place and hits the same space where the spirit is located! 

RUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….I barely notice the sound of thunder.

The room lights up yet again.  And I see her mouth drawing downward in a snarl just before it opens wider than a human mouth should ever be able to!  I hear a loud SHREEEEEEEEEEEEIK from my visitor!  Did the water somehow hurt her?

Then I’m aware of her swooning directly over me with an angry countenance!  Next, I’m aware of myself being lifted off the bed, though I feel not where the entity has grabbed me, no thanks to my partial paralysis.  It is the most bizarre feeling!  Next, I am aware of myself flipped upside down, flying across the room toward the television on the chest of drawers nearly 10 feet away!  I haven’t moved this fast since even maybe years before my stroke!

I scream as the catheter is yanked mercilessly from my penis as the bag of urine hanging from one of the ribs of the bed’s side gate manages to win the tug of war!

SHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEE!!!!  Another scream from the entity just before my foot slams through the television screen and I feel a sharp sting around my Achilles tendon!  A sharp pain shoots through my back as – still upside down – I find myself slamming into something and then falling to the floor, about to land on my head.  But I quickly bring my good left arm out to take most of the impact!

So what do you think of the excerpt?  What do you think of my decision to go back to school to teach others the very same skills I possess?  What do you think about life in general?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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