Fiction, Not Prophecy…


By now, all of us have heard about the Orlando shooting in a gay nightclub called “The Pulse”.  This shooting took place June 12, 2016 and has been called the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11.

But little do many know of the coordinated attack on four different Veteran Affairs hospitals in my novel, 2018: An Uncivil War.  The one in my novel was reported as “the second worst (terror event) in the history of the United States”.    The awful event in my novel took place on Feb. 20, 2016 and served as the straw that broke the camel’s back.  As a result, the U.S. government elects to ban guns throughout the entire nation, sparking what becomes known as the Second American Civil War.

Several of my readers had already commented to me that some of the events predicted in 2018 have already come true.  The embarrassing truth of the matter is that I have since moved on to writing another novel and have not really kept up with it.  However, upon hearing this news about “the nations worst terror attack since 9/11”, I could not help but look back into my novel and compare dates.

After doing so, it is safe to say that yet another prediction (in the event that the readers just mentioned were correct) from my novel has come true (or at the very least this single one).  But I never claimed to be Nostradumbass when I started writing this body of work.  I instead simply looked at current news events, mostly attacks on the Second Amendment, and put together what I felt was a really cool story in the forefront of it all.  However, as a former journalist, I interviewed some people who had relevant knowledge on all the topics I would face therein, and I asked a lot of good questions and received equally good answers.  After these interviews and intense research, it was simply a matter of taking all of the information, piecing it together in what I felt was the most realistic context possible.  I even paid close attention to the dates for each event, trying my best to think how long it would take for escalation of conflict.

But I’m no prophet, no, siree!  I cuss way too much for that.  Some people even snicker when I claim to be a Christian.  I’m certainly no psychic.  I don’t know when I’m about to get the Tennessee trots until I’m trotting along to the closest toilet, trying my best not to leave a trail.  What I am is a dreamer who wants to be a bestselling author.  That is the only self-incriminating claim to guilt I am willing to make in this blog article.

Who in the world would have ever known that I would have gotten the date correct within only four months on the second worst terror attack in American history?

I’m not the only author who has predicted such an event.  In the novel Debt of Honor, Tom Clancy wrote about an angry Japan Airlines Pilot who crashed his Boeing 747 commercial airliner into the U.S. Capital during a joint session of Congress.  Many people claim that by doing so, he predicted the events of 9/11.  His novel was written in 1994, less than 10 years before this notorious day in history.

Folks, all of this is not prophecy, but only good fiction.  Writers like myself and Tom Clancy believe in doing our homework prior to getting to the fun work of writing our stories.  And, yes, sometimes we write about stuff that ends up happening.

Many people probably wondered why he wrote about a commercial plane crashing into a government building.  Most likely, it was for the simple fact that it created a powerful, unforgettable image in the minds of his readers.  But maybe it was because he felt there were major weaknesses in airport security.  Anything is possible in fiction.

I wrote about the attacks on V.A. hospitals, because of weaknesses in the security I witnessed as a veteran receiving care in those facilities.  To add insult to injury, veterans are not allowed to carry weapons on the premises.  Part of me understands the reasoning behind this.  The last thing anyone needs is a veteran with severe post-traumatic stress disorder pulling out a gun and shooting people in the hospital.  But what if another veteran — this one, armed — was closer to such an individual than one of the V.A. police officers?  Couldn’t that possibly prevent more lives from being lost?  After all, most veterans are trained to be marksmen, sharpshooters, and shooting experts.

I’m not sure how Tom felt while watching airliners crash into the Twin Towers on his own television after having written about something so strangely similar; but I personally feel horrible about all the lives lost and harmed in the tragedy in Orlando; I also prayed for God to somehow comfort the families of each deceased individual from that needless bloodshed.  I imagine Tom Clancy felt just as horrible as the rest of us, or maybe even more so, as he watched events unfold on that awful September day in 2001.

However, as a writer of a fascinating and predictive body of work taking place in the not-so-distant future, I cannot help but wonder how many more events from the novel may possibly come true.  I encourage all readers to pick up a copy of my work and watch with the same level of interest as me and some of my existing readers who are doing the same.  If you purchase my novel, I have no doubt you will find yourself intrigued from start to finish!



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