The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly about “2018: An Uncivil War”


2018: An Uncivil War is the novel that started off my career as a fiction writer, author, and budding novelist.  It is a very special work, in my own humble opinion.  And it will also hold as special a place in my heart as I hope it will in the hearts of those who have read it.

The work seems to be getting good reviews overall, with only one poor one to date:

5-Star Reviews (on Amazon):

By Amiya Powell on May 1, 2016
An honest and realistic portrayal of just how close the United States is to a second civil war. We are a nation divided, and the distance grows every day. From purchased politics and global distractions, to the listless masses content to experience life from a computer screen, we have been trained for generations to ignore what is right in front of us. We shrug at the tumultuous undercurrent beneath our feet and will continue to do so, until it’s outside our front door threatening to swallow us whole.
Phil Sanderson brilliantly presents both sides of the 2nd amendment issue, but the story goes much deeper than that. It is about the value of life and humanity, and preserving ideals that lift us up. It is about an awakening of social consciousness to the fact that the future is our responsibility- not the government’s, not ‘the powers that be’- ours.
Phil Sanderson writes like he has lived every moment of this tale.Through a detailed and robust narrative, the characters and concepts take shape beyond the pages. The action scenes are exceptional- tense, harrowing and fueled with adrenaline- while his vast historical and military knowledge add to the realism. I’m sure I’ll be reading more from him in the future.
By James Darden on November 22, 2013
What a great book, i haven’t finished reading, but had to jump on here and give my review. With over 400 to 500 pages.
2018: An Uncivil War is worth the price. Phil Sanderson writing is remarkable. and yet fearful, understanding what could happen is very frightening.Nation collapses into chaos,and government is divided.As a reader you are also divided, who right? what side will you take? The people! The Government. Phil brings out points that will make you think about events of today that may effect tomorrow.
on March 10, 2014
I love mysteries and this book filled that criteria, but it also had a lot more in the book that would attract other readers also. it is not just about war. This book kept me glued to it from the moment I picked it up until the moment I finished it. Surprisingly I have found a new author to add to my favorites. I have told all my book reading friends they need to get a copy and I am now telling you that you need to check it out. Please if you are not sure whether you will like it or not. Try it you won’t go wrong. You get involved in the characters lives from the start and you can’t help but want to help them all the way through!
on September 11, 2013
It appears as though the author lived these events….so real,so true,hard to put down……enjoyable/easy read.

4-Star Review:

on March 25, 2014
I found Mr Sanderson’s book very interesting and it seems to be true of what is happening today. The threat of the government taking our guns and the repercussions from this seem to be playing out in today’s world. I found his characters interesting and I could relate to them. I did get a little lost during the discussion of gov’t and the gov’t officials. But overall I found it interesting and the fact that is was broken into 3 sections gave a time to prepare for what was coming next. I hope Mr Sanderson has not seen into the future and written out our fate to come.

2-Star Review:

on October 13, 2014
too long, story dragged along at times
As you can see, all reviews except the last are very favorable…and that one by a person who does not know to capitalize and punctuate sentences.  But another writer has offered me similar advice saying that much of my prose was overly descriptive and unnecessary.  But yet a different writer loved the fact that I included the description.  So I am learning that it is really a matter of taste and preference.
One thing remains clear to me about 2018: An Uncivil War.  There are good things, bad things, and ugly things about my novel.  So I will break some of these things down for you.  Some of these you may know, others perhaps not.

The Good:

The good thing about my first novel is the noble approach taken to show both sides of the gun rights argument.  Stuart Milligan represents the pro-gun rights side of the argument.  He is a gun club owner in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as a former Marine Corps officer and war hero from the first Persian Gulf war.  Terrance Crawley is a Memphis police detective in the same city and represents the anti-gun rights side of the argument.

Another good thing about the story is that it offers a little bit of everything for everyone.  If you love action, this is definitely the book for you!  If you like romance, this book has plenty of heart and soul to keep you happy.  If you like humor, you are sure to get a good chuckle here and there from several different scenes.

Finally, this first novel serves to paint a picture of a nation radically and structurally torn over the issue of gun rights.  It also serves as a warning to corrupt governments as to just how severe a mistake it would be to disarm a nation of its right to bear arms.  Some readers have even claimed that some of what I have predicted in my manuscript has already come true.  To be quite honest with you, I’ve been so busy working on my next novel, An Interstate Ghost Story:  The Girl on the Highway, that I haven’t had time to research these claims.

So as you can see, there are some good things about 2018 that serve as true potential for future productions.  However, I have vowed that the only way I will write a sequel is for this one to become a New York Times Bestseller.  And so far, I don’t seem to close to achieving this any time soon.  But who knows what the future holds?

The Bad:

One bad thing about this novel is that it did not do nearly as well as I had expected it would.  I thought I had a sure hit with the subject material, being that there is a wealth of controversy over the issue of gun rights versus gun control.  So far, to date, I have sold maybe 150 to 200 combined print and digital copies of my novel.  Sells have to be much better than this in order for 2018: An Uncivil War to grace the New York Times Bestseller list.

Another bad thing about this novel is the lack of Character Viewpoint.  When I wrote it, I had not been taught this very crafty technique.  However, the story still reads well in spite of it.  But part of me wonders if its reception would have been much better had I utilized this creative technique.  I am considering a second edition of the story, sectioning everything off according to viewpoint.  I’m not sure when I will do so, but it is likely to happen within the next five years or so.  These are some bad things, but hardly enough to hold back a great story!

The Ugly:

The ugly thing about this novel is the ugly truth it expresses and foretells.  It partially personifies a corrupt government.  It also exposes one major possibility as to what could happen if a country weakened itself in civil war.  I don’t wish to reveal any spoilers here, but suffice it to say the old adage:  “United, we stand…divided, we fall.”

With all of this considered, you have the good, the bad, and the ugly things about 2018: An Uncivil War.

If you have not yet read the book, you can purchase digital copies on AuthorHouse, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  The first three retailers mentioned also sell print copies.  E-Book copies published by Phil Sanderson Enterprises are only 99 cents a copy.

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