Release Date for “An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway”?

Nostradamus (1).jpeg

When will An Interstate Ghost Story:  The Girl on the Highway hit the shelves?  This is a very good question and not one that can be answered with any well-deserved specificity at this time.

I learned from my very first novel not to announce deadlines before their time.  Doing so puts unnecessary pressure on me as a writer.  Because in the event that I do not finish the novel by the specified time, then I will be faced with one of two very difficult decisions, neither very profitable.

First, I could go ahead and meet the deadline and release an unready product to the market; or I could take the risk of announcing that the book’s release has been moved back…maybe the readers who were initially excited for it will be forgiving; maybe not.  But the latter category of readers is what worries me the most.

I can say this about my upcoming horror thriller:  It is almost halfway finished.  All I have from my second edit is just one of three parts left to polish.  And then I have only two full edits left.  I would like to say that I could finish in time for publication to e-book by Halloween of next year (I’ve always wanted to release a horror novel on Halloween!).

But realistically, life happens.  Unfortunately, I am unable to sustain me and my family off the profits earned from my writing.  I am currently attempting to diversify this income by opening new channels such as creating audio-books from my current print and digital ones and by bringing these digital ones to new stores in the book sales market.  All of this while working a full-time job that I may not be able to maintain much longer due to spinal injuries suffered while in the Marine Corps.  So how can I effectively predict a date.

The last thing I want to do is look like Nostradumbass before the entire world’s blogosphere!  But suffice it to say:  No one more than me wishes to release this novel as soon as possible.  Because my family and I certainly need the income!  However, I owe it to readers everywhere to release a fictional work that will exemplify the best writing I have ever accomplished.  I’ve said in previous articles that this book will be a defining one for me, and I meant it.  So I absolutely refuse to rush it.

In the meantime, I can continue to share news and occasional snippets with you here and elsewhere on the world-wide web.  One thing that can help me too is feedback from each of you.  Lately I do not get very much of that.  However, large numbers of people are visiting my articles here according to WordPress statistics.  If I am doing something right, please let me know what it is…and it is especially important to do the same if I am — on the other hand — doing something wrong.

In summary:  I look forward to unveiling a full look at the Girl on the Highway as soon as I hit the “publish” button sometime within the next two years.  Oh yes!  It should definitely be published by 2018, which is of course a very special year for me due to my previous novel!  And once I hit that “publish” button, you will be the first to know as long as you keep your fingers on my pulse here.

Thank you all for your continued interest in this most-humbled writer and the work known as An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway.

Note:  We will conclude the 4Ws of Excitement articles next Saturday with the final one:  Where in the Real World Does this Haunt Occur?  In this blog post, we will look at the real-life setting where the story occurs and will also include a picture or two.  So please do not miss out!  If you haven’t done so already, you are welcome to check out the first three chapters here on Raw, Raving Rants from a Struggling Writer.  Here is the link:



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