What Expectations Exist from the Story of “The Girl on the Highway”?


An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway has been in production for about two years already and probably has a couple more years to go before finally seeing the light of release.  So needless to say, there are some expectations floating around, not only by myself, but also by others.  Some have been teased by the video I have featured on the home page of my official website, others who have followed me since reading my first novel, and finally others who simply follow me on social media.  There are many people interested in this bold tale I have written.

Bearing this in mind, I will do my best to examine every possibility of expectation and address each.  If for any reason I miss one, WordPress fortunately has a very effective “comment” feature we can use to fill in any possible holes I may have left in this article.

However, the first place to begin is to describe the story synopsis:  When numerous people begin dying on Interstate 65, the troop commander in jurisdiction must determine and resolve the source of the accidents.  When he exhausts all conventional means of investigation, he turns to a disgraced paranormal investigator in a last ditch effort to uncover any possible supernatural angles.

  • Reader Expectations:  On the cover, I boast the subtitle:  “A Southern Horror Tale by Phil Sanderson“.  Thus, readers probably expect a story that will “ring true” like many of the existing ghost stories in Alabama such as those featured in books by local writing legends like Kathryn Tucker Windham.  With such in mind, I have done my absolute best to feature characters to whom the reader can relate.  By the end of the novel, I want the reader to be definite best friends with each character.  I also have done my best to make each ghostly encounter as realistic as possible.  I’ve never experienced ghostly phenomena myself, but have talked to many people who have.  And I’ve also read about such encounters and the physical conditions surrounding them.  All this has been included in my story.
  • Highway Patrol Expectations:  Two of the characters in my story story are indeed Alabama state troopers.  And my story is dedicated to state troopers all over the United States.  Therefore, they are expecting me to weave a tale in which they can be proud and appropriately honored.  I have attempted to do this by exploring the risks involved in the lives of Capt. Stan Winston and Lt. Amanda Heath.  Both have occupational and / or personal stakes in every endeavor they partake throughout the story.
  • Author Expectations:  I learned some valuable lessons from mistakes made marketing my first novel, 2018: An Uncivil War.  And I will definitely not repeat those same mistakes.  I also did not learn about character viewpoint until after I had released that first story.  So all of the pieces are in place for me to deliver as perfect a story as I know how.  Also, what Beethoven did with counterpoint in musical composition, I have done with story plotting.  There are several intricate plots weaved into The Girl on the Highway; and they all work together to form an extremely exciting and satisfying story conclusion.  So I expect this story to open doors for me that have remained shut long enough.
  • Agent Expectations:  Agents look for horror stories that are well-written, fast-paced, and have enough of a draw to put vast amounts of money in the coffers of the publishers with whom they work.  This novel, when I am complete, will achieve all of this.

As you can see, there are quite a few big expectations from my upcoming horror novel.  I did not even list the expectations of my family which have not changed since the writing of my first novel.  Many people wonder why my story has not yet been released.  Hopefully, after reading this article, they will better understand why.  An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway is not the type of  southern horror tale that one rushes to the market.  It is more like a special saddle that has been crafted for a special horse rider.  One whom wants to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.



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