An Interstate Ghost Story: The 4 W’s of Excitement and Intrigue!

Girl on the Highway Cover

Thousands of people eagerly await the release of An Interstate Ghost Story:  The Girl on the Highway, my horror novel that has been a long time in the coming and is now only perhaps halfway through the development process.  But I simply cannot rush this one out before it is ready for ULTIMATE SUCCESS!  I’ve done it once before and was entirely unsatisfied with the result.

But what I can do is give you bits and pieces of valuable information that will surely whet your appetite as the impending day creeps forward!  In doing so, I submit to you the most revealing look at The Girl on the Highway yet:  The 5 W’s of Excitement and Intrigue!

I will blog five articles, each written on a weekly basis through the month of April.  They will be titled as follows:

  1. April 9:  Who is the Ghost, and Who Seeks Her?
  2. April 16:  What Expectations Exist from the Story of “The Girl on the Highway”?
  3. April 23:  Approximately When Will the Book Hit the Shelves?
  4. April 30:  Where in the Real World Does this Haunt Occur?

I have but three (huge, to me; small, for you) favors to ask in all of this.  Please help this most humble writer in getting the word out and creating even more excitement than I could ever hope to do on my own.  My family and I are coming to depend upon my writing more and more as my disability (degenerative disc disease in my neck) worsens, continuing to threaten my ability to work in physically-demanding environments.  There simply are not enough well-paying administrative positions available here in Alabama.  Thus, I simply ask:

  1. Please engage with your fellow friends and followers on Social Media.  If you are reading this on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, please hit the back button and send this link to your Wall, Retweet it, or Share it in whatever most creative way possible to everyone you know.  And please help me sell this novel!  Put your own spin on the excitement.  If you can do this, my family and I will be most grateful to you and very happy to see that there are still good people in the world who reach out to help others.  I also wish to thank my wife, brother, and sister for being my most engaging followers to date!
  2. Please engage with me on my own social media.  I am on Facebook: ;  I am on  Google+: ;  I am on Twitter: ;   I am on Instagram: ;  And finally, I am on Pinterest: .   Please comment too!  I am thankful for all the “Likes” and “Thumbs-Ups” I have been getting.  But sometimes it is fun to hear comments and answer questions as well.  Note:  Because WordPress obviously runs on a sub-standard engine, some of the links are not clickable above.  But feel free to right-click on them for a clickable link.
  3. Finally, please support me by buying my books, right now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and about to be released on Smashwords, Kobo, and various others.  I also occasionally mark down my work to create more of a Win-Win environment for all involved.  By keeping up with me on Social Media, you will always be the first to know of these fabulous opportunities.

Please enjoy this journalistic look at what is shaping up to be my most promising and defining literary work to date!  And God bless all of you!


3 thoughts on “An Interstate Ghost Story: The 4 W’s of Excitement and Intrigue!”

  1. I’ve seen ghosts and shadow people. My second novel is about many things, but includes a battle between an angel and a demon–something more real than most people want to admit. I’ve felt it in so many places when my sixth sense was so far from my mind and something I so much did not want to address. I’m also in an ongoing music project called Ghosts in the Attic, a name inspired by events we probably won’t ever be able to completely explain in this life. That kind of thing just finds me. ;/

      1. I apparently have a highly developed sixth sense but discourage people from delving into that realm. Most of us need to be addressing lower deficiencies. I didn’t ask to be pursued by demons, but I of course understand I’m alive only by the grace of angels. I’ve felt some horribly dark presences only to learn later of atrocities committed at that particular site. My experiences have not been sought. My uncle, for example, descended upon me before I even knew he had been murdered, took me through the grass, dirt, tree trunks, leaves, clouds, and cosmic bodies before he left me at the side of some portal. I don’t expect anyone to understand it, but it was more real than anything I’ve ever lived even though it was so unexpected. Sometimes even now I read accounts of it I have written and start crying uncontrollably even though it was almost twenty years ago. I can promise you this life is just a preparation for something much grander. Seek the unity and the kingdom within of which Christ spoke and you will find no fear of death in the next moment.

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