Perfect Gift for Table-Top RPG and Pirate Lovers!


Great news for all my friends, fans, and followers!  The Sea Dogs is published, and I’m hard back at work on The Girl on the Highway!  The Sea Dogs is the perfect gift for anyone into pirate lore and / or table top role-playing games.

I designed my RPG in a way that the rules are as simple as possible, to allow players to focus on the tale and the telling of it by the Sea Master.  The players only have to decide how they will survive the day at sea and at port in a setting I made as true as possible, matching the Caribbean and most of the piratical activities occurring there during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Those wishing to purchase The Sea Dogs, may do so on Amazon by following this link:

Speaking of gifts, I have a small gift for all of you that I will be posting on Christmas Eve here on this blog.  So please mark your calendars to check back.  😉

I wish all of you the finest and most memorable holiday this year and a super fabulous Christmas!  May you all stay safe, joyful, and warm.