Raw, Raving Review: Taken 3

taken 3

[Spoiler Warning!]

Age does not seem to be stopping Liam Neeson from kicking on-screen booty!  If anything, it seems as if it adds to his teen angst and serves to make any male viewer even think once about ever crossing the actor.

The plot for this particular sequel is a bit of a downer as the main character, Bryan Mills, ends up losing his ex-wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen), in a bizarre murder in which he had been framed.  The two of them, throughout the series, have had a roller coaster of feelings for each other, so the scene plays out really tragically.

As a result, the police — led by Franck Dotzler (Forest Whitaker) — are on his heels throughout the entire first part of the film.  But Mills remains one step ahead and only gets captured when he wants to be.

Maggie Grace returns once again to reprise her roll as Mill’s daughter, Kim, who is now pregnant and very terrified, not only because of her new life situation but also dealing with the tragedy of her mom.

There are also a host of baddies in this one.  Dougray Scott portrays Stuart St. John, Lenore’s husband who actually had the cahones to request that our dark hero stop having any type of contact with his wife due to the couple’s marital difficulties.  But the viewers can easily see that Bryan and Lenore clearly still loved each other before they died.

This movie has a nice plot, complete with a twist that — even though it was quite predictable — seemed to create a cool sort of tension and anxiety for all viewers to enjoy.

There were some parts of the film that moved a bit slowly; but this was expected, due to the tragic nature of the story.  The only thing I wasn’t completely happy with about this sequel was the ending.  To me, I did not feel at all satisfied.  But I can understand, because they left it open for yet another sequel.  No one can really fault the producers for chalking one up for job security, can they?  After all, we live in a world where nothing is certain except death and taxes.  And it appears that Mr. Neeson is fully capable of delivering both on and off screen.


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