Raw, Raving Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


The latest “Hobbit” movie, The Battle of the Five Armies, is a tremendously excellent movie with very cool, and sometimes even humorous, action sequences.  There is also no doubt that this is probably the most epic film to be released over the holiday season.  And Legolas / Orlando Bloom fans are in for a real treat as his portrayal is not only massively impressive, but downright entertaining.

This film has all sorts of elements that make it very memorable.  It has action, adventure, comedy, romance, intrigue, and tragedy.  The only problem I had with the film is that it moved a little bit slowly through the middle hour of the film or so.  But this was to be expected by any Tolkien fans who have read his famous novel, The Hobbit.

All actors did a fabulous job of enacting their roles.  Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen reprised their roles as Bilbo Baggins and Gandolf the Grey.  Richard Armitage adeptly portrayed a Dwarven king who had to choose between wealth and the loyalty of those who served him throughout all three movies in the franchise.  Evangeline Lilly portrayed a brave elf warrior who encountered friction over the love she felt for one of the dwarves.  And finally, Luke Evans did a wonderful job as Bard, the man tasked with fighting a dragon that had totally destroyed his personal township.

The set was massive and the effects truly wonderful.  I highly recommend this film to those who enjoy fantasy and adventure films.  I give The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies four out of five stars.


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