Curiosity and Lack of Patience Breed Sarcasm and More Lack of Patience


Andrew Dice Clay once conveyed in one of his stand-up comedy routines about how someone came up behind him at the end of the line and asked:  “Is this the end of the line?”  To the best of my memory, he replied something like, “No, snapperhead!  This is the front of the line and we’re all standing here backwards.”

My wife family and I were standing in line at Customer Service in a major retailer last night.  There were several people in line ahead of us.  And after about close to 10 minutes, I realized that the line had not moved and looked up at the guy who was standing at the counter where all the rest of us wanted to be.  Under my breath, I said to my wife:  “What the hell!  Is the guy trying to return an adopted child?”

She snickered, and I continued on in my rant, imitating the reaction of the customer service people behind the counter:  “Oh, HELL no!  We don’t want that little bastard back…”

I find myself now looking back, wondering why I made such a rather rude observation and suggestion about an otherwise innocent situation.  And I can only surmise that the curiosity of what was taking the fellow so long, combined with my own lack of patience, only served to make me sarcastic and even more impatient.  It wasn’t that I have a hatred or dislike of “adopted children”.  The fellow being served at the counter may have been a perfectly nice gentleman.  But because we were all standing there excessively long, I — and maybe others — targeted him with my most impatient and possibly bitter thoughts.

On a good note, at least I found a way that my wife and I found some kind of humor in a rather boring situation.


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