“2018: An Uncivil War” E-Book Now 99 Cents!


The bad news (for me) is that the sales for my first novel, 2018: An Uncivil War, have completely stalled.  The great news (for you) is that you can now purchase it for the new permanent price of 99 cents!  Now is a great opportunity for those who have not read this Amazon Bestseller!  They will also make excellent gifts for the e-book readers in your family, just in time for Christmas!

In the year 2018, civil war breaks out in the United States when the federal government repeals the Second Amendment.  Two best friends — both Marine Corps veterans — and a rock star (Army veteran) and his band decide to do what they can to fight for the rights of all Americans to bear arms when it seems that the whole weight of the federal government threatens to tumble down upon them.

The e-books can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for this new price by clicking on the links below:

2018: An Uncivil War E-Book on Amazon

2018: An Uncivil War E-Book on Barnes & Noble


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