…And Then There Was Ebola



As sure as the chicken being the fastest bird in Ethiopia, the Ebola virus has been in the news for the past few decades, if not longer!  So I pose this question to you:  Why in the hell is it only just now getting into the United States?

I propose to you these possible conspiracy theories:

  • ISIS somehow managed to get this most-feared disease through our borders, secretly manipulating events in the lives of all the victims who have brought it over.
  • Somehow, the government has willfully allowed the disease into our borders.  Perhaps the president is behind it.  Many feel that the president is actually a Muslim-in-chief with the purpose of destroying our country from the inside out.  So it would make perfect sense for him to nurture any opportunities to have Ebola slip in among the people he claims to be protecting.
  • The CDC is and has been testing various diseases upon the American nation without its knowledge.  The highest levels of government may or may not have known about these clandestine activities.  Perhaps the people who have brought Ebola into our country have somehow been allowed entry as part of this same initiative.

These are just a few of the conspiracies I’ve heard.  Do I believe them?  Not really.  But it DOES seem very strange to me that Ebola is only JUST NOW making it into our country for as long as the disease has existed in the headlines.  What has changed, making it possible for this biological nightmare to enter our country?  Doesn’t this make you even the least bit suspicious?

What has changed?  What has enabled this disease to make it within our borders?  At the very least, I would like some answers.  And I would like to see whoever is responsible have to answer to this major breach of protocol, up to and including imprisonment (or maybe even execution, if it can be proven that the individual allowed the disease intentionally).

Am I crazy to suspect that there may be some sort of serious scheme at play behind the scenes of governmental power?

As for those who are panicking at the mere mention of disease’s name, I feel most of them need to chill out.  The only people who I feel are worthy of panic are those in Texas or Ohio where they have good reason to believe that Ebola victims may have entered their borders (or at least those who may have been most likely to have come into contact with it.

Please feel free to express your thoughts in comments of reply to this article.


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