“2018: An Uncivil War” E-Book Now 99 Cents!


The bad news (for me) is that the sales for my first novel, 2018: An Uncivil War, have completely stalled.  The great news (for you) is that you can now purchase it for the new permanent price of 99 cents!  Now is a great opportunity for those who have not read this Amazon Bestseller!  They will also make excellent gifts for the e-book readers in your family, just in time for Christmas!

In the year 2018, civil war breaks out in the United States when the federal government repeals the Second Amendment.  Two best friends — both Marine Corps veterans — and a rock star (Army veteran) and his band decide to do what they can to fight for the rights of all Americans to bear arms when it seems that the whole weight of the federal government threatens to tumble down upon them.

The e-books can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for this new price by clicking on the links below:

2018: An Uncivil War E-Book on Amazon

2018: An Uncivil War E-Book on Barnes & Noble


Raw, Raving Review of “Fury”




The movie “Fury”, though not based on an actual unit in World War II, very well probably could have been.  It is about a tank team who finds itself serving together in Germany many years after first coming together in North Africa.

The movie is highly successful at capturing the horrors of war as well as the psychology behind it.  Footage, such as pieces of a dead German’s face kept as a keepsake and living and dead soldiers being trod over by the tracks of the tank, seem to create haunting  imagery that one is likely to remember long after watching the film.

It also portrays the American soldiers in a rather obnoxious manner such as when the group liberates a town and forces itself into the home of some German women.  Where as most films utilize such footage against the bad guys, it creates sort of a surreal feeling seeing it coming from American soldiers.

All actors and actresses gave incredible performances herein.  Brad Pitt, in my humble opinion, deserves an award for his performance here.  Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena, and Logan Lerman deliver excellent performances as well.  Lerman plays the part of a new soldier formally serving as a admin clerk who has been tasked to be a replacement member of their tank crew.  Brad Pitt’s character, Sgt. Don Collier, takes it upon himself to teach the timid soldier to fight and kill the enemy.

The movie is extremely memorable and well-written and produced.  My wife and I are looking forward to adding this movie to our Blu-Ray collection as soon as it comes out.  My wife actually commented, “This was the best performance from Brad Pitt in his entire film career.”  I feel this movie is worthy of 5 out of 5 stars as it shows one of the most realistic portrayals of war as I have personally heard stories from those who have been.

Halloween Sample of “The Girl on the Highway”

sample illustration

Note:  Nothing is more appropriate than a sample from a horror novel in celebration of Halloween, by the author of the work who — by the way — was born on that notorious day!  So with no further ado, please enjoy this sample from my upcoming horror novel — An Interstate Ghost Story:  The Girl on the Highway.  And Happy Halloween!  


Adrianna had fainted while in the truck with the older stranger. The sight of a human head at her feet was horrifying enough, but the fact that the lips had been moving had caused a light-headiness, which overcame her willpower to stay lucid.

Now she slowly regained consciousness in a very dank, dark place. A mixture of terrible odors assaulted her sense of smell in a way that almost made her nauseous. She smelled a sweaty, soured, and a strong coppery scent. She felt as if she was lying on a narrow, hard object of some sort, maybe a bench. The scents around her were simply unnerving and truly offensive. As she opened her eyes, she saw a hint of light ahead and to the right. But her vision was hindered by something between her and the light. She tried to move but couldn’t. She suddenly realized she was tied up with some type of material, maybe burlap, covering her. She could feel the rough texture of the material hard against her skin. She realized that she was naked after barely moving her hands around enough to confirm it.

A shishking sound, like knives being sharpened, commenced, grating on every last nerve fiber and seemingly testing what little was left of her sanity.

Should she call out? After thinking about it for a couple of minutes, she decided her best move would be to feign unconsciousness and run as soon as soon as this sick bastard untied her. Extremely terrified by these very unnerving sensations surrounding her, she realized that her situation did not present a very favorable outlook.


Why the hell was he sharpening knives? Was he planning on cutting her up or something?


Would he untie her before he killed her? She continued to think about what all he may possibly do to her.


She wondered if he would rape her. She then realized that if he was going to do so, he would have to undo the binds on her ankles. And what would she do if he did undo them? She then decided she would have to kick him as hard as she could, get to her feet, and run the hell out of there, wherever in God’s name she was!


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…And Then There Was Ebola



As sure as the chicken being the fastest bird in Ethiopia, the Ebola virus has been in the news for the past few decades, if not longer!  So I pose this question to you:  Why in the hell is it only just now getting into the United States?

I propose to you these possible conspiracy theories:

  • ISIS somehow managed to get this most-feared disease through our borders, secretly manipulating events in the lives of all the victims who have brought it over.
  • Somehow, the government has willfully allowed the disease into our borders.  Perhaps the president is behind it.  Many feel that the president is actually a Muslim-in-chief with the purpose of destroying our country from the inside out.  So it would make perfect sense for him to nurture any opportunities to have Ebola slip in among the people he claims to be protecting.
  • The CDC is and has been testing various diseases upon the American nation without its knowledge.  The highest levels of government may or may not have known about these clandestine activities.  Perhaps the people who have brought Ebola into our country have somehow been allowed entry as part of this same initiative.

These are just a few of the conspiracies I’ve heard.  Do I believe them?  Not really.  But it DOES seem very strange to me that Ebola is only JUST NOW making it into our country for as long as the disease has existed in the headlines.  What has changed, making it possible for this biological nightmare to enter our country?  Doesn’t this make you even the least bit suspicious?

What has changed?  What has enabled this disease to make it within our borders?  At the very least, I would like some answers.  And I would like to see whoever is responsible have to answer to this major breach of protocol, up to and including imprisonment (or maybe even execution, if it can be proven that the individual allowed the disease intentionally).

Am I crazy to suspect that there may be some sort of serious scheme at play behind the scenes of governmental power?

As for those who are panicking at the mere mention of disease’s name, I feel most of them need to chill out.  The only people who I feel are worthy of panic are those in Texas or Ohio where they have good reason to believe that Ebola victims may have entered their borders (or at least those who may have been most likely to have come into contact with it.

Please feel free to express your thoughts in comments of reply to this article.

Free “Dracula Untold” Theme Pack!



As I draw nearer to completion of my first horror novel, “An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway”, I cannot help but enjoy other horror films that serve to inspire me. Please enjoy this free theme pack I have created from photos of “Dracula Untold”!  It works on Windows 8 and 8.1!

Download it here:  http://ow.ly/CQqNG