Whuz Fappening!

 nude selfieJennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, McKayla Maroney, and various other celebs were victimized by their own lack of wisdom when nude pictures of themselves materialized on a website and spread like a raging, inextinguishable forest fire across the deepest recesses of the internet.  It is said that a hacker somehow accessed the “Cloud” and retrieved these pictures and started said forest fire on the internet.  If anything, I personally feel that what I’ve mentioned here serves as a fine example for all the rest of us who are or are not celebrities.  

Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games series of movies.  It goes without saying that it seems she should know better than to post nude pictures of herself ANYWHERE.  After all, she is a terrific and extremely talented actress, though it is arguable about how wise she is in the ways of the world.  

 So this strange event on the internet has famously become known as the “Fappening”.  It serves as yet another valuable lesson to be learned by celebrities who think that the rules that apply to us common people do not apply to them.  Please don’t get me wrong!  I do feel regret over what has happened to them.  But when a person becomes vain enough to think they can just go ahead and take certain liberties that really should not be taken, then there is a part of me that feels like whatever happens as a result serves as a strange type of ironic justice.  

I cannot even imagine taking nude selfies of my own fat ass, much less sending them to my wife or other friends and relatives.  First of all, I would be best served using a telephone that utilizes wide-angle camera lenses (and I do not even know if such a camera exists).  Secondly, my selfies would not look nearly as appealing as those of Jennifer Lawrence and all the others who recently got busted by the Cloud.  Heck, if Jennifer’s body looked anything like mine, they would likely have to change her character name in the next Hunger Games entry to Fatniss.  On the other side of the coin, if my body looked as good as Jennifier’s maybe I would post a picture of my ass on the internet, though most likely not.  After all, my days of feeling vain about my body ended more than 20 years ago!  Even if we had today’s technology back when I was a young, studly, strapping ole lad from Memphis, Tennessee, I still do not think I would have lacked enough wisdom to pull such a stunt.  

Back in those days, people would take nude pics of themselves with various types of cameras and different sizes and types of film and eventually have a private photographer process the compromising nude prints.  Thus, the life-changing film would literally be used to capture the bold deed in question creating a document that could potentially come back and bite the subjects on said compromising prints.  Not surprisingly, certain celebrities from that era eventually regretted having ever posed nude on camera, several of which did so when they were still involved in the hunger games for fame (e.g. Madonna and Vanna White, just to name two).  

I also happen to feel that some people in media are making way too much of the Fappening.  I’ve heard people judging Ms. Lawrence and the other victims saying things like, “It serves them right!”, making a big heyday out of it all.  Sure, being caught with your knickers down is enough to turn even an English nun pink; but have we forgotten about all the celebrities (e.g. Pamela Anderson, Paris HIlton, and many, many others) who have been caught in various sex tape scandals over the past couple of decades?  Things get really hot and sticky when body fluids enter the picture.  It’s about as bad as the seamen being compromised in that long, hard submarine in that famous movie staring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery!  So compared to these individuals, I find the Fappening celebrities as very mild in comparison.

I guess, overall, all I am saying can be surmised in two wise statements:

  1. Never pose or do anything else on film or digital media that you would not want to be shown to the rest of the world.
  2. Don’t pass judgment on these unwise celebrities; you never know when you may make a similar mistake.  And a very old and wise document known the world over reminds us:  “He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones.”

One thing is for certain…all the celebrities named in this article now know whuz fappening!  


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