Movie Review: The November Man (Spoiler Warning!)


Prior to seeing “The November Man”, I suspected that I would not like Pierce Brosnan in this role as much as I did in his role as James Bond.  Ever the huge James Bond fan, I always tend to compare spy thriller movies to the Bond films.  And there have been some really good contenders out there.  And this was one of the best!  And I loved Brosnan’s portrayal of Peter Devereaux as much as I loved his as James Bond.

I just finished watching the film after reading a bunch of lukewarm reviews.  I feel that many who have reviewed this film expected Brosnan to channel Bond instead of the character he was tasked to portray, Devereaux.  I am extremely impressed with his portrayal which is a lot more realistic than his portrayal as James Bond ever was.  

This later statement is by no means a slam to Brosnan.  He is one of the best actors to portray the world-famous superspy.  But Bond film producers and directors did not want the same Bond that Ian Fleming had created.  They wanted someone who was more witty and glamorous than the original character who was quite paranoid, somewhat pessimistic, and in possession of a very dry sense of humor.  

Peter Devereaux seems to be closer to the James Bond created by Ian Fleming, but still with certain differences.  For example, James Bond had no close personal ties other than his aunt who lived with him.  He tried getting married, but his wife was murdered on their way to their honeymoon from the wedding.  James Bond could trust almost everyone in his own chain of command.  With Devereaux, you can’t trust anyone any further than you can throw them.  

This movie also showed us some great action and talent from Luke Bracey who portrayed an agent named Mason, whom Devereaux had personally trained in the CIA.  This guy seems to have a promising career as an action star judging by his performance herein.  

The movie is intense and full of action.  Sometimes, it seemed a bit hard to follow, but I attribute this to the fact that I drank my soda too quickly and had to miss part of the movie for a bathroom break.  But overall, I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves action, thrillers, and espionage.  I give this film five out of five stars.  And I hope to see more of Peter Devereaux and his protege in future films.  


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