Marketing Report — 8/12/14


As a fledgling fiction writer who is utterly thankful for the small, but loyal following I am most fortunate to have, my appreciation for you extends to the point where I feel that you are worthy of knowing where I am going before I get there.  I am far from being a bestselling author.  But this only means I have to strive harder to get my book out there and continue to develop even more interesting stories for readers to enjoy.

Social Media Marketing

I am pleased to announce that my goal to successfully build my social media is blessed with small, but noteworthy success.  

Twitter continues to be my strongest social outlet and seems to be growing phenomenally!  I now have more than 2,500 followers and am well on my way toward my next major milestone:  5,000.  My longtime goal is to have 10,000 followers hopefully by this time next year.  

 Goodreads is barely my second best social outlet.  I now have 105 friends in this reading and writing community.  My goal is to get at least 300 fans before the end of this year; though I hope to eventually have 1,000 by the end of next year.  I’ve also yet to establish fans.  Maybe with a little bit of work I can get my first 30 fans within this same time frame.  But I am confident that all of this will come in due time.  

I am very fortunate that my Facebook Author Page has recently exceeded 100 Likes!  My goal is to have 200 by the end of this year and hopefully 1,000 within the next few years.  For some strange reason, I’ve had a very difficult time growing my social network here.  But I’ve recently discovered some new ways to get my name and book titles out there.  😉

Google+ is a strange, new creature to me.  I’m still trying to figure out how to use all of its various features, which appear to be somewhere between Facebook and Twitter.  There are some features that I really like more than both platforms.  But I feel that it is all a bit too complicated to fathom at this point.  I may need to do more research on how to harness the full marketing power of this form of social media.  However, I currently have a following of 47 people which is still quite small, but doable.  My next goal is to get 200 by the end of this year and eventually acquire 1,000 followers within the next few years hopefully.  

Finally, my Blog, Raw, Raving Rants from a Struggling Writer, has me stuck at 46 followers to whom I am completely grateful.  I was reluctant to use WordPress in the very beginning, but it has been a great blessing to me, thanks to my fellow bloggers, members, and writers who have aligned themselves in my following.

All in all, I am proud of all that I have accomplished utilizing a very meager marketing budget where I have not even spent $100 on social media marketing.  Maybe in due time, I will be earning enough profits from my books to do so.  But my first major goal is to get my name and my work out there on the market and in the public eye.  I feel that by doing this, the rest will eventually fall into place.

Current Works and Supportive Marketing Efforts

My current endeavor is to create the cover for my Christmas short story, The Saint Who Stole Christmas.  And immediately after I have developed it, I will then conduct a cover reveal as I continue to develop the story.  I plan to have the story released by no later than Halloween this year.  Some of the followers to my blog may recall that I ran this same series of articles last year for Christmas.  I plan to add more meat to what I originally started so as to have a more cohesive and fulfilling body of work.  I’ve already begun to market this story on all of my social media.  

I am also preparing to hold my first book signing with printed books in support of my first novel, 2018: An Uncivil War.  This event will occur at the Juliette Hampton Morgan Library Memorial Library in downtown Montgomery, Alabama.  For more details, please consult my Official Website.  My book has been distributed to three different libraries in the Metro Montgomery area.  And I have plans to approach the public library systems in Birmingham and Mobile sometime after my book signing.  Sometime the beginning of next month, I plan to send out press releases announcing the signing.  I plan to do so one week before the event.  I’ve currently announced this signing on my website and by word of mouth.  I would eventually like to go home to Memphis, Tennessee and conduct a book signing at some libraries  there.  But I’m not ready to face the expense that would be required for me to do so.

Finally, my next novel, An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway, is due to be out late next year.  I’ve finished the first draft and will soon be proof reading it and working on the second draft with a goal to finish by the end of this year.  I’ve of course been marketing it on all my social media as well as by word of mouth.  I’ve also started my cover reveal using the same media as well.  I will first release the book as an e-book but then plan to utilize CreateSpace in order to bring my book to print.  

So as all of you can see (and some of you may already know), there is a lot more to being a self-published author than just writing, revising, and publishing the story.  An abundant amount of labor goes into having a successful title.  And I’ve not even gotten there yet after all of these efforts.  But I will never give up until people relate my name to fine works of fiction!

Again, I cannot deeply enough express the overwhelming amount of gratitude I have for each and every one of you, and the kindness you express by giving this humble writer a chance to leave what I hope will be a warm memory of reading enjoyment in the furthermost recesses of your heart.  Thank you so kindly, and God bless you all!


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