How James Bond Saves the World…Again and Again!


Ian Lancaster Fleming started work on his first spy novel on Feb. 17, 1952 while living in Jamaica on his estate called Goldeneye.  He named the main character, a British secret agent, after an ornithologist who wrote his favorite book on the topic…Bond…James Bond.  The book would be called Casino Royale.  And ever since then, most men have always more or less pretended to be James Bond; and many women have been wanting them to be the world’s famous super-spy!

Ian Fleming once remarked that he always wanted to establish a code of chivalry for his character.  He also more or less went with a theme that resembled a modern version of the famous tale about King George and the dragon:  Man performs heroically in key situations.  Woman gets captured by the evil antagonist.  Heroic man / protagonist rescues the woman.  But he added additional elements that would establish drama and intrigue to his tales, making them timeless and memorable for the years that were there and would continue to come.

As long as there are evil sons of bitches and other villains in our world…those like Kim Jong-Un,,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and other cheese-dicks who would cruelly impose their will and power upon the less than fortunate, then the James Bond franchise will continue to thrive just as it always has.

Here are some more reasons why James Bond will never die and will always be in the next film:

  • James Bond is more witty than even Hank Moody!  (Who the hell is Hank Moody?  This video should successfully answer that question:)   And this video should prove it:  
  • James Bond is the epitome of men’s fashion, style, technology, and sophistication!
  • Most people like action.  
  • Most people like drama.
  • Most people like humor.
  • James Bond usually helps the careers of the actors who portray him.
  • James Bond is good for charity (the actors usually support them).
  • Just about every movie is compared to those of the James Bond franchise.
  • When one thinks of action, they think of James Bond.
  • The book franchise was so important that numerous writers have taken the helm when needed.
  • James Bond means “business”.  The name has sold billions of dollars worth of products all over the world!  For example, his name has even sold fragrances!

So James Bond is simply big business.  There is no way possible that Ian Fleming could have known just what he was starting when he sat down at his typewriter and wrote this very first line of his first novel:  “The scent of sweat and smoke of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning.”


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