The End is Near!


I have decided to write multiple endings for my book, The Girl on the Highway.  I will write a “happy” ending which will, by far, contrast with the way the book opens.  I will also write a “bad” ending, which will be more consistent with the tone in the very beginning of the story.  And I will also write a “slightly disturbing” ending, which is sort of a balance between the other two.

From there, I will see which ending reads better in my novel.  And that will be the one I decide to use.  As for the other two endings, I may or may not publish a special edition of my book that features all the endings together, back-to-back.  It will also feature my unabashedly erotic scene between two of the story’s characters.

But the whole purpose for this article is not an informational one.  It has more of a feedback purpose, as I will post a poll alongside this article.  Please let me know what kind of ending you would prefer for my story and possibly other stories out there on the market.  And God bless you for taking the time to participate in the poll!  😉



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