Only 1 Week Left!


After July 4th, the price of the “2018: An Uncivil War” e-book (published by Phil Sanderson) goes back up to $2.99…so please jump on this deal while you can!  

The book has gotten almost complete top ratings.  To date, the only one rating that was not a 5-Star was a 4-Star.  And we’ve yet to talk to a single reader who did not like the book.  So 99 cents is a great price for a great read!  

In this story, the United States plunges into its 2nd American Civil War after the nation becomes completely divided over the issue of gun rights, and the federal government decides to repeal the Second Amendment.  Two best friends — both Marine Corps veterans who happen to be on opposite sides of the gun debate — and a politically-minded patriotic rock star decide to do all they can to preserve their country in a manner befitting of the United States Constitution.  

Here’s a message from author Phil Sanderson, a former Marine himself:  “I hope you will thoroughly enjoy this novel.  It was written in response to the many attacks upon the Second Amendment and shows a realistic picture of what our nation would look like if it ever did become completely divided over the issue of gun rights.  I’ve done my best to accurately portray both sides of the debate as fairly as possible within this, my very first, body of fictional work based on historical facts.

Please purchase your copy at the 99-cent price point before it goes back up!  It can be purchased at the following sites:


Barnes & Noble


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