Character Reveal: Amanda


Amanda is an assistant troop commander who has been tasked to work with a disgraced paranormal investigator in Phil Sanderson’s upcoming novel, The Girl on the Highway.  Her boss has decided to take a New Age approach toward determining the cause of so many accidents occurring in his of responsibility on Interstate 65.  She doesn’t believe in ghosts, spirits, or anything else out of the mainstream.  She takes offense if someone tries to convince her that these things do indeed exist.  Emotionally, she is an empty shell who was deeply hurt months ago by a man who claimed to be in love with her, but turned around and left her for another woman.  Her blood runs cold when men try to approach her with romantic intentions.  Professionally, her troop commander is grooming her to take over the troop as soon as he is promoted to his next career milestone.

For more on The Girl on the Highway, please visit Phil Sanderson’s Official Website.

Note:  “Portrait Of Young Woman Hiding Her Face With Hair” Image provided by  by imagerymajestic /


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