Sample of Part 2– Paved With Good Intentions


Great news for those of you who are just as excited about The Girl on the Highway as I am!  I just finished Part 2 — Paved with Good Intentions.  It is quickly shaping up to be the most exciting story I’ve ever written!  For your enjoyment, here is a sample from within this latest part I just completed.  Please enjoy!


She found herself comforted by the fact that Cliff’s voice was coming from directly behind her.  Then she felt the temperature suddenly drop!  Her sweat suit was no longer warm enough for her.  She felt Cliff’s left hand reach for her right one, and she took it, feeling a bit creepy by the strange temperature effect.  Cliff’s hand felt very soft, but quite chilly.   “I bet it was the drop in temperature that set the thermometer sensor off a minute ago.”

She heard Cliff’s voice overtaking her to her left, causing her to do the double take.  “You feel it, huh?”

How the hell did he…wait…I still have his hand…she slowly turned to look at the hand within her own.  And she saw a blonde-haired girl, surrounded by a dull light and dressed in a pale overcoat.


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