Erotica, Anyone?


I’ve have never come right out and asked anything exacting from my friends, family, and followers, but I really need your guidance, if you do not mind.

I am almost halfway through the first rough draft of my novel The Girl on the Highway, and two of the main characters have just encountered their first romantic moments.  I basically let loose with the emotions and physical components of this new turn in their relationship.  But — in my humble opinion — it reads like erotica.  Part of me looks at the Filthy Shades of Gray trilogy and reassures myself that all will be well.  But the other part of me does not necessarily want to become associated with erotica and was quite honestly tempted to take a cold shower after having written that steamy scene.  So what’s a man to do?

This is what this man has done.  I have duplicated the almost hard-core scene (which is probably only about half as mild as what you would see in the erotica novel I mentioned above); and I have taken all description out that describes the activity of the lower anatomy (though I did leave just a small hint of suggestiveness.  My goal is to stir the emotions of the readers and maybe their loins just a tad bit.  But my story was meant to be a horror story with bits of drama, humor, romance, and — now — suggestiveness.  So my intention is that my readers recognize the name Phil Sanderson first as a horror and thriller author more than one of erotica.

I plan to attach a poll to this article.  Please participate, so that I can get an idea of how you guys feel about erotica.  Or maybe you would rather or also wish to leave some helpful comments.  Thanks in advance for any help you are willing to give.



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