2018 = 99 Cents!


What better way to celebrate independence than to read about the winning of freedom over tyranny?  Starting Memorial Day and running through the Fourth of July, you can purchase Phil Sanderson’s 2018: An Uncivil War on e-book for only 99 cents!  Depending on the success of this promotion, 99 cents could become the new permanent price.  The author has started this promotion on Memorial Day in order to honor all the fallen patriots of our great nation here in America.  He’s thinking about ending it on Independence Day in celebration of our hard-won American freedom.

 So if you have not yet added this book to your digital library, now is the perfect time to do so.  This book, published by Phil Sanderson the author himself, doesn’t get any cheaper than this.  In order to get the discount, please be careful to distinguish between the e-book published by AuthorHouse, and the one published by Phil Sanderson.  The aforementioned book costs $3.99, whereas the latter one is the one covered by this promotion.  You can follow the links on this page to get directly to the promotion:  http://www.philsanderson.net/novels

Happy reading, thriller fans and action lovers, the world over!  And God bless America and the people who fought and continue to fight in order to keep her free!

Please read what readers have said about 2018: An Uncivil War:  

I love mysteries and this book filled that criteria, but it also had a lot more in the book that would attract other readers also.  It is not just about war.  This book kept me glued to it from the moment I picked it up until the moment I finished it.  Surprisingly I have found a new author to add to my favorites.  I have told all my book reading friends they need to get a copy and I am now telling you that you need to check it out.  Please if you are not sure whether you will like it or not, try it.  You won’t go wrong.  You get involved in the characters’ lives from the start, and you can’t help but want to help them all the way through!  — Pamela L. Bradshaw

It appears as though the author lived these events…so real, so true, hard to put down…enjoyable / easy read — Anna

I found Mr. Sanderson’s book very interesting, and it seems to be true of what is happening today.  The threat of the government taking our guns and the repercussions from this seem to be playing out in today’s world.  I found his characters interesting, and I could relate to them.  I did get a little lost during the discussion of gov’t and the gov’t officials.  But overall I found it interesting, and the fact that it was broken into 3 sections gave a time to prepare for what was coming next.  I hope Mr. Sanderson has not seen into the future and written out our fate to come. — S.Z. Smith

What a great book.  I haven’t finished reading, but had to jump on here and give my review.  With over 400 to 500 pages, 2018: An Uncivil War, is worth the price.  Phil Sanderson’s writing is remarkable, and yet fearful.  Understanding what could happen is very frightening.  The nation collapses into chaos, and government is divided.  As a reader you are also divided, who’s right?  What side will you take?  The people?  The government?  Phil brings out points that will make you think about events of today that may effect tomorrow.  — Mike Jones



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