Sample from “The Girl on the Highway” by Phil Sanderson


Excerpt from “Part I — The Road to Hell”:

Suddenly, out of nowhere, they both noticed a woman in the road! And the woman seemed to be pointing right at the driver!

The creepy trucker swerved to miss her, and must have succeeded. As the vehicle had jolted toward the right lane, Adrianna felt something bump her ankle. If the trucker had hit the woman, she heard nor felt any indicator of it. She was promptly aware that it strangely and rapidly turned cold as winter inside the truck cab. And she felt the goose flesh appearing on both her arms as they were crossed before her in an effort to get warm.

Whatever it was that hit her ankle was now rolling around near her feet. Curious, she looked down just as the truck was passing underneath a street lamp and she saw a horrified face upon a mussed up head looking up at her. She quickly screamed and lifted her feet off the floorboard of the vehicle. Then she looked down again in total disbelief at what she was actually seeing. A streak of blood had apparently smeared the victim’s chin just above what looked like the fatal cut. The head was especially terrifying with all the hair splayed out and around all over it. It rolled away once more back into the darkness and then back out again. What was really strange was that the lips were moving! How the hell could this be! She couldn’t hear any words, but she could read them clearly: Get out!

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