“The Girl on the Highway” Update: Reworking Villain


I have some good news and bad news!  

The bad news is that there is a slight delay in the writing of my next literary work, currently called The Girl on the Highway.  I’m having to rework my antagonist, a serial killer named Milton Petty.  Right now, he just seems so two dimensional.  He doesn’t do my story the justice I feel that it needs.  So yesterday, I hit the psychology textbook (probably the first damn time since having taken the course more than a decade ago!), and I also plan to do some extra research on serial killers.  

The good news is that yesterday, I had a very wonderful and enlightening interview with a fellow gentleman named Josh Wood.  He and I brainstormed some ideas that will DEFINITELY make it into my book and serve to make my killer more authentic and lifelike.  Combined with the extra efforts to which I am going to add necessary depth to this villain, this should give the entire story an all-new life of its own.  And I promise here and now, that I will not begin the rest of my writing until my antagonist is ready to reach through the pages, grab you by the throat, and immerse you in terror like none you will have ever read before!



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