Don’t Be a Slaughtered Sheep!


Another gunman in Fort Hood?

Wow…how original!  What will they think of next?

When narrow-minded people hear about this criminal act, they immediately think:  “Oh no!  How could this have happened?  People are not allowed to carry weapons on military installations.”

I propose to you here and now that is exactly why this happened:, because people are not allowed to carry weapons on military installations.

Some people have the attitude that “this is not the Old West where everyone needs a gun”.  Or maybe they just feel that if everyone is allowed to carry weapons, clumsy gun owners will accidentally shoot innocent people.

To those who believe the fore-mentioned attitude, I counter to them that maybe this is the Old West all over again.  Lord knows there are many people out there who have only their own self-interest at heart and are willing to kill anyone that gets between them and those interests.  We are constantly hearing about crazy people who hurt innocent people for the simple reason that they can do so.  Those who do not support gun rights suspect that the reason these crazies can do so is because the laws enable them to do so.  They only look at the side of the argument that supports their own anti-gun beliefs.  They do not look at the fact that some gun laws also enable people to protect themselves against these types of loons.

It helps to look at the big picture when one places blame for a particular problem plaguing society.  If one bothers to do so in a manner that is objective, he or she will look at two key contributing factors that determine who has guns and allows them to be used (or not used) in society, as well as the overall results from all of this.  These factors are geographical gun laws and crime rates.  Right now, the two highest-crime areas in our nation — without a doubt — are Illinois and Washington D.C.  The main things that these areas have in common is that both are highly restrictive on gun rights.  The same thing can be seen in countries that restrict guns from their people.

The truth is right before everyone’s eyes, but there are so many who cannot see the forest for all the trees.  They blame the gun instead of the person holding the gun.  They fail to see the simple truth that criminals will always have guns and look for easy marks to be their victims.  The only way that gun restriction could work in our country is if everyone would comply with the law.  But criminals do not follow the law.  So it is asinine to think that restricting guns will lower a crime rate.

By restricting guns a government is simply preparing its subjects of that law to be sheep for a great slaughter by law-breaking criminals.  This is why crime is higher in areas where guns are not allowed.  If you allow them for criminals (which you inadvertently do; since criminals will always get their guns regardless of the laws preventing them from doing so) and no one else, you are enabling the criminal activity in your area.

For example, let’s look at the case where a robber holds an individual person at gun- or knife-point on a street somewhere.  In places where guns are against the law, such a victim will remain helpless unless police are nearby enough to intervene.  In places where guns are permitted, such a situation could have a much better chance of a positive outcome for the victim.  Even though police authorities may not be present, maybe someone else with a gun, a good Samaritan of sorts, could intervene on behalf of the individual.  The police could be called and the criminal could be captured, hereby assisting in a better crime rate for this particular location.

Now let’s look at the fact that this happened on a military installation.  I feel that earlier this morning Steve Doocy said it best on Fox and Friends on Fox News:  “These people protect us, but they cannot protect themselves.”  Our military veterans are willing to give their lives for the many freedoms we enjoy today; yet they are not allowed to carry weapons in a non-duty capacity on many of our military and governmental facilities.  To me, this is just wrong.

The easiest way to summarize all this is that we can either be behind the gun or in front of it.  I personally would rather be the one behind it.  For I know that in my hand, no evil will ever be committed by this particular weapon.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Slaughtered Sheep!”

  1. It’s absurd to think that you can’t carry a weapon on a military base.
    You expressed my feelings exactly. On a different subject..
    They are now trying to prohibit smoking in the military as well. Not that I think smoking is good, but to think after someone is coming off of a combat run and can’t light up to calm their nerves is just stupid. Thinking these kids are old enough to kill and get shot at, but not intelligent enough to decide if or when they want to have a smoke to calm their nerves after wasting the enemy is stupid. So socialism is being imposed on our service men now!

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