We All Need a Break from Time to Time


I’ve been busier than a 3-peckered billy goat since my e-book came out last Labor Day.  The entire time, I have concentrated on marketing it.  But after its release, I focused on e-book signings in an effort to promote my new work.  Then, over the holidays, I worked very hard to bring my book to print.  And after doing so, I focused on selling the ones that came in my initial order.  Now I’ve sold all but one.  And the last one is already reserved to be sold within the next couple of weeks.  All the while, I have also been making sure to have at least a couple of posts to my blog each week.  On top of this, I’ve been working a new job that I started a little more than a month ago.  

Long story, short:  I need a break.

Today, I wanted to think of more ways to market my existing work.  But my brain seems to be drained dry.  This is how I know that I need a break.  

For the next week (and maybe longer), I plan to work on some new ideas for my next e-book.  I’ve already decided to bring The Saint Who Stole Christmas to the Kindle.  It will not be the same version I posted here.  It will be newly revised and edited.  It will be the same story, but greatly enhanced in order to better capture the spirit of the season.  But I also want to write a large-scale work, a horror novel perhaps.  I’m also getting ideas about a sequel to 2018: An Uncivil War.  But all of these projects require a different sort of creativity than my marketing.  And I have been very negligent in this area.  So this week, I plan to tap this other part of my brain to come up with future bodies of work.  

So until my next post here, I bid you all adieu.



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