If you are Putin, You Probably Have Problems with Gas


President Obama recently targeted one of his sanctions against a Russian oil billionaire named Gennady Timchenko.  This rich Russian businessman controls Gunvor Group Ltd.  Due to this man’s direct financial interest with Putin, many consider this the ultimate kick in the crotch to the country and its president.  It is expected that as a result of this sanction, many oil producers, traders, and banks will be reluctant to do business with Gunvor Group.  

So I guess it is safe to say that if you are Putin, you may have some serious gas problems.  Yes, indeed!  I went there.  How could I not do so?  I mean the man is walking around with a bull’s eye on his head (or maybe his hind quarters!) and a cross-out symbol over his face.  He is becoming as popular as that famous skull and cross bones image that seemingly got hijacked directly from the flags of pirate ships directly right onto bottles of poison!  

If you ask me, it may be safe to say that President Obama has him bent over the (petroleum) barrel, with his cheeks spread wide, and him ready to say “Awwww”!  After all, it takes fuel to run not just automobiles but aircraft, tanks, and all sorts of other combat-essential vehicles.  Who wants to be Putin when the guy with the sanctions is balling up a big brown fist, getting ready to plunge it where the sun is not supposed to shine?  I wouldn’t want to be Putin or pootin’…neither one is very becoming of any type of world leader placed in the same situation!  😮

So what says you?  Will this sanction affect Russia very much?  I’m no authority on the subject (nor do I claim to be!).  If you happen to be, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d equally like to hear from you even if you aren’t.  After all, we do not have to be authorities on topics just to discuss them as intelligibly as we know how, do we?


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