…got weed?

Marijuana (also known as Mary Jane, ganja, weed, cannabis, pot, grass, and a few other interesting names) started out as a zero and has ever since escalated into the status of hero.  Thus it only goes to show that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Marijuana has often been credited as the stuff that was smoked in the pipes of rival Indian chiefs as a gesture of peace after weeks, months, or years of war mongering. And it is no wonder! After all, both tribes probably ended up having some kind of a fiesta in which they all worked ceaselessly at satisfying there munchies cravings! A decade to a half later came the hippie movement.  And suddenly the industrialization of marijuana reached a demand never before seen or experienced!  Strangely enough, ganja became heavily symbolic of the word peace, possibly in large part because of its history among Indian tribes.

Next came the days when people could go to rock concerts and get a secondhand high from all the marijuana smoke lingering throughout the crowd.  Thus, weed becama ssociated with music and stardom.

Cheech and Chong became very famous during this period.  Their comedic albums sold almost as well as some of the most famous music albums. And their movies we’re just as popular if not more so.

It was also during this time that weed received a bad rap for destroying health and lives as well as killing numerous brain cells.  I was a teenager during this era. I personally experimented with marijuana, but I never became addicted to it psychologically, emotionally, or any other way.  Eventually, I joined the United States Marine Corps and had very little to do with the drug ever since.

However, the turn of the century had better plans in store for marijuana.  The very people who criticized it in the past suddenly found themselves speechless when it was discovered that marijuana could be used in medicine and as a medicine.

This brings us to today. Cheech and Chong have been replaced by Harold & Kumar, and Snoop Dog is the ultimate posterboy for marijuana, dethroning Willie Nelson from said position. Now controversy looms as the world decides whether or not it should be legalized.

Personally I could care less whether or not it becomes legal here in the United States. Even if it does, I will never bother with it or any other substance (other than alcohol) ever again.  All I am is a social drinker. And this is all I will ever claim to be. But what I find to be very hypocritical is that alcohol has taken millions, if not billions, of drivers’ lives the world over.  So who is to say what drug or drink is better or worse than any other?  If it is all bad for us, then why don’t we just make everything illegal? That would actually impede our freedoms, however.  and thus comes the dilemma!


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