“Harass” is One Word, Not Two!


‘Harass’ is One Word, Not Two!

There is a joke out there that has former United States President Bill Clinton saying “Your honor, I swear that I thought the word ‘harass’ was two words.”  The joke apparently references his famous scandal involving intern Monica Lewinsky and the legal proceedings that followed.

This joke suddenly came to mind when I saw an article on the internet about a general in the military who is in trouble for sexual harassment. Yet there is nothing funny about this particular instance of sexual harassment.

Here is a sample from the article:

WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina (Reuters) – The United States has agreed to drop charges of sexual assault brought against an Army general in exchange for him pleading guilty to lesser charges including “mistreatment” of his accuser, a junior officer, the general’s lawyer said on Sunday.

What really blows my mind is that we still have some of these dinosaurs running around in our military. I’m by no means perfect myself and once went to bed with a subordinate woman Marine. But nothing happened; and if it had, it most certainly would have been consensual.  This had been about a year prior to the Tailhook scandal that shook the entire United States government, military and all, to its very foundation.  I may have been dumb enough to get myself in that situation, but at least I had enough moral integrity to not let it go as far as it could have. I never compromised myself as anything other than a gentleman.

I feel there is nothing lower than forcing a subordinate to do something he or she does not want to do and backing it all up with threats.  And what I find most amazing is how people who do this can look themselves in the mirror and still feel good about themselves.

As far as Bill Clinton and other world leaders are concerned, it becomes even worse for them whether the deed was consensual or not for the mere fact that they are held to a much higher standard… or at least should be.  The “it’s good to be king” attitude is no longer as charming as it may have been hundreds of years ago.  As far as Bill Clinton is concerned, had he kept his pants up, he may have been lauded as one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America based on what he did for the economy during his time of office;  but he will instead be known as the president who turned The Oval Office into the Oral Office.

Why in the hell can’t we all just behave ourselves?


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