Where’s the Beef, Dammit!



In California, over the past year, a particular slaughterhouse just recently recalled more than 8.7 million pounds of beef due to the fact that the animals were not inspected properly.  Many were diseased and malnourished.  The USDA deemed this meat “unfit for human consumption”.  

So isn’t this just lovely?  Can you imagine suddenly hearing about this happening in your own state?  How would it make you feel to know that you have been eating some of this unfit meat for the past year?

I can only imagine USDA inspectors walking into the facility and discovering these details over hours of scrutiny over piles of documents.  I can imagine them asking the owner: “Where’s the contaminated beef now?”  I can only imagine how worried and embarrassed the business owner must have been.

Overall, I am now concerned that the same thing could possibly happen anywhere else in America.  After all, seeing that these slaughterhouses operate to the letter of the law is not in our direct control.  The only thing we can control is whether or not to purchase the products.  

Wow!  And I once thought that ground beef was a cow with no legs.  


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