Putin, Protesters, Invasions, and Boobs!



When I heard that Russia’s President Putin militarily occupied Crimea against the advice of the United States and our allies, my first thought was:  Damn, Vlad!  You’re stepping on your pecker, my friend!

Vladimir Putin has become quite the celebrity over the last 10 or 15 years.  At one point, he was caught engaging in outdoor activities, shirtless; and mixed emotions ranged from “he’s a hunk” to “put your damned shirt back on, boy!”.  But I really began to like him after I heard about a recent visit to Germany where he was greeted by topless protesters who were angry over his decision to jail members of the anti-Putin rock band, Pussy Riot.  He was actually photographed giving the thumbs up to one of the protesters who sauntered up with her headlights on bright!

My first thought upon seeing this picture was more of a reaction:  I laughed my ass off!  

So, I’m really confused, to be quite honest.  Members of my church feel that Russia’s efforts at invading Ukraine is horrible; and they are all concerned because they know people who live there, some of whom are missionaries.  But I’ve heard that not a single shot was fired when they occupied Crimea.  So I’m not sure, if he is a good guy or a bad guy.  

Obama apparently doesn’t approve of his actions.  But that only gives me more reason to like the man!  But overall, from what I’ve read so far, I think he seems like a really cool guy.  But I’ve not really followed his life and his actions very much.  So this is very much an uninformed opinion.

What do you guys think about Putin overall, as well as his moves into Ukraine?


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