Consider Yourself Teased…

Consider Yourself Teased...

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We All Need a Break from Time to Time


I’ve been busier than a 3-peckered billy goat since my e-book came out last Labor Day.  The entire time, I have concentrated on marketing it.  But after its release, I focused on e-book signings in an effort to promote my new work.  Then, over the holidays, I worked very hard to bring my book to print.  And after doing so, I focused on selling the ones that came in my initial order.  Now I’ve sold all but one.  And the last one is already reserved to be sold within the next couple of weeks.  All the while, I have also been making sure to have at least a couple of posts to my blog each week.  On top of this, I’ve been working a new job that I started a little more than a month ago.  

Long story, short:  I need a break.

Today, I wanted to think of more ways to market my existing work.  But my brain seems to be drained dry.  This is how I know that I need a break.  

For the next week (and maybe longer), I plan to work on some new ideas for my next e-book.  I’ve already decided to bring The Saint Who Stole Christmas to the Kindle.  It will not be the same version I posted here.  It will be newly revised and edited.  It will be the same story, but greatly enhanced in order to better capture the spirit of the season.  But I also want to write a large-scale work, a horror novel perhaps.  I’m also getting ideas about a sequel to 2018: An Uncivil War.  But all of these projects require a different sort of creativity than my marketing.  And I have been very negligent in this area.  So this week, I plan to tap this other part of my brain to come up with future bodies of work.  

So until my next post here, I bid you all adieu.


If you are Putin, You Probably Have Problems with Gas


President Obama recently targeted one of his sanctions against a Russian oil billionaire named Gennady Timchenko.  This rich Russian businessman controls Gunvor Group Ltd.  Due to this man’s direct financial interest with Putin, many consider this the ultimate kick in the crotch to the country and its president.  It is expected that as a result of this sanction, many oil producers, traders, and banks will be reluctant to do business with Gunvor Group.  

So I guess it is safe to say that if you are Putin, you may have some serious gas problems.  Yes, indeed!  I went there.  How could I not do so?  I mean the man is walking around with a bull’s eye on his head (or maybe his hind quarters!) and a cross-out symbol over his face.  He is becoming as popular as that famous skull and cross bones image that seemingly got hijacked directly from the flags of pirate ships directly right onto bottles of poison!  

If you ask me, it may be safe to say that President Obama has him bent over the (petroleum) barrel, with his cheeks spread wide, and him ready to say “Awwww”!  After all, it takes fuel to run not just automobiles but aircraft, tanks, and all sorts of other combat-essential vehicles.  Who wants to be Putin when the guy with the sanctions is balling up a big brown fist, getting ready to plunge it where the sun is not supposed to shine?  I wouldn’t want to be Putin or pootin’…neither one is very becoming of any type of world leader placed in the same situation!  😮

So what says you?  Will this sanction affect Russia very much?  I’m no authority on the subject (nor do I claim to be!).  If you happen to be, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d equally like to hear from you even if you aren’t.  After all, we do not have to be authorities on topics just to discuss them as intelligibly as we know how, do we?

…got weed?

Marijuana (also known as Mary Jane, ganja, weed, cannabis, pot, grass, and a few other interesting names) started out as a zero and has ever since escalated into the status of hero.  Thus it only goes to show that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Marijuana has often been credited as the stuff that was smoked in the pipes of rival Indian chiefs as a gesture of peace after weeks, months, or years of war mongering. And it is no wonder! After all, both tribes probably ended up having some kind of a fiesta in which they all worked ceaselessly at satisfying there munchies cravings! A decade to a half later came the hippie movement.  And suddenly the industrialization of marijuana reached a demand never before seen or experienced!  Strangely enough, ganja became heavily symbolic of the word peace, possibly in large part because of its history among Indian tribes.

Next came the days when people could go to rock concerts and get a secondhand high from all the marijuana smoke lingering throughout the crowd.  Thus, weed becama ssociated with music and stardom.

Cheech and Chong became very famous during this period.  Their comedic albums sold almost as well as some of the most famous music albums. And their movies we’re just as popular if not more so.

It was also during this time that weed received a bad rap for destroying health and lives as well as killing numerous brain cells.  I was a teenager during this era. I personally experimented with marijuana, but I never became addicted to it psychologically, emotionally, or any other way.  Eventually, I joined the United States Marine Corps and had very little to do with the drug ever since.

However, the turn of the century had better plans in store for marijuana.  The very people who criticized it in the past suddenly found themselves speechless when it was discovered that marijuana could be used in medicine and as a medicine.

This brings us to today. Cheech and Chong have been replaced by Harold & Kumar, and Snoop Dog is the ultimate posterboy for marijuana, dethroning Willie Nelson from said position. Now controversy looms as the world decides whether or not it should be legalized.

Personally I could care less whether or not it becomes legal here in the United States. Even if it does, I will never bother with it or any other substance (other than alcohol) ever again.  All I am is a social drinker. And this is all I will ever claim to be. But what I find to be very hypocritical is that alcohol has taken millions, if not billions, of drivers’ lives the world over.  So who is to say what drug or drink is better or worse than any other?  If it is all bad for us, then why don’t we just make everything illegal? That would actually impede our freedoms, however.  and thus comes the dilemma!