A Heated Conversation



An Excerpt from 2018: An Uncivil War:  

Terrence’s eyes finally shone soberly in spite of the beer he had just sipped, his fifth since walking in.  “Did you call the police?”

Stuart shook his head.

Now Terrance regarded him just as seriously with firm eye contact.  “Dude, next time, you better call the police.”

Stuart took a long pull at his beer, his third for the evening, and glared at his friend.  “If that son of a bitch comes around again, I’m planting his ass in the ground.”

Terrance could not believe what he had just heard.  “It ain’t your job to deal with these assholes!” 

“What if this guy is the one who raped our neighbor, and he comes back to my house again – if it was him the first time, which it very well could have been?”

“Stu, what the hell are you now?”  Terrance’s eyes hardened upon him.  “A vigilante?”

“What if this was Rebecca, and you were not a detective?”  Then he found a better way to rephrase the question.  “What gives you the right to protect the woman you love, and denies me the same right?”

“The law, for one.”  He now looked at his best friend as though he were stupid.  “If you break the law, what good is your relationship going to be if you are in jail?”  Stuart countered him quickly:  “What good would it be if she were dead, because I did not protect her while the police were nowhere to be found.”  Terrence replied just as quickly.  “If you don’t call us, how can we protect you?”  Now Stuart had a look of disgust on his face and had not even bothered looking at the table.  “The same way you guys protected our fellow neighbor?”

Now Terrance’s blood started to boil, and his face started to become red.  “How dare you accuse us of not doing our job!”  He threw his cue stick down on the table changing the position of several balls upon it.  After trying to calm down, he found himself looking for the right words.



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