Phil Sanderson’s Social Media Marketing Report — 2/23/14


Yay!  I’ve reached and surpassed a good milestone on Twitter:  500 Follows!  All the other Social Media is lacking quite a bit, however.  I am on my way to reaching 50 likes on my Facebook page. As for my WordPress blog — by the grace of God — I have somehow acquired 16 followers, which is far better than I ever got elsewhere on other blog hosting sites.  As far as slower growth media, I’m finally  starting to get more friends on Goodreads.  But I’m still a total greenhorn on Google+ and various others on which I’m established.  I’ve yet to research more on all these other different ones.  I’m also examining some small-dollar investment opportunities to invest in paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook.

So all in all, thanks to all of you who have found an interest in me and continue to stay actively involved in my media.  You have been a true blessing from God to me.  For those of you who haven’t, if you are reading this and have a chance to support me on my various social media, I hope you will someday soon find some time to do so:

Phil Sanderson Author on Google+

Phil Sanderson’s Facebook Page

2018: An Uncivil War — Facebook Group

Phil Sanderson on Twitter

Phil Sanderson on Pinterest

Phil Sanderson on YouTube

Phil Sanderson on Goodreads

Phil Sanderson on AuthorsDen


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