Guard Down!



An Excerpt from 2018: An Uncivil War

The other guard had been smoking a cigarette when he had gotten the call.  He had quickly discarded the cigarette and now ran around the very side of the house from which Stuart was expecting him.  This man actually removed his shotgun and was ready to shoot anyone not wearing a suit and overcoat.  He approached very slowly and cautiously, examining each and every shadow as he stepped forward with a paranoid gait. 

Before he knew what to expect, he heard and felt a freezing whoosh of air behind him and quickly rotated his body.  Stuart, while recovering from just jumping down from the building directly behind him, readied himself as the guard had spun around to address the noise and the rushed movement of air from behind him.  Stuart had promptly grabbed the barrel of the shotgun with his right hand, forcefully pulling it away from the surprised attacker.  He wielded his Ka-Bar in his left hand in the classic knife-fight position, with the blade facing out from the bottom part of his hand.  He stabbed it forcefully into the guy’s chest, puncturing his right lung.  This was the first time he had ever punctured a lung.  The sound of air leaving out of it was one that he would never forget.  It alone served as confirmation that he hit a vital area on his opponent.

The guard had tried to pull his shotgun away, but Stuart had pushed it forward unexpectedly, causing the fatally wounded guard to fall backward abruptly and accidentally letting go of it.  Stuart slammed the butt of the weapon downward into the guy’s right eye, collapsing that part of his skull invasively into his brain, thereby killing him instantly.

“Thanks for the shotgun, asshole.”  Stuart held the weapon out, examining it carefully…a Browning Maxus shotgun.  He looted shotgun shells off the body at his feet.


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