To My Wife, With Godly Love



To my wife, with Godly love…

Our marriage has seen its fair share of ups

And its fair share of downs.

But in all our downs a great realization never occurred.

Our eyes were never lifted as should be.

We looked to each other.

We looked to our problems.

We tried to work together to work things out.

But together in marriage can be no further apart

From one another when we fail to include our Lord.

But we rarely looked up to Him.

Now we live in separate worlds.

And God has called us back together 

In non-judgmental Love for each other.

God, through His Holy Word has opened our eyes.

He does not want us to throw away 13 precious years.

In spite of the anger, the resentment, and the disagreements…

I still love you as I did the day we exchanged our vows.

Please forgive me for my anger, my resentment…

And the part I played in our disagreements.

For the most important part…on which we both now agree..

Is that we need to place Jesus at the helm of our marriage.

We need to socialize with others of like mind…

Even those who pretend to be…

For maybe we can lead them to the same resolve

And be the same blessing that Jesus has been to us.

I love and cherish you now and always, Abby.

Happy 13th Anniversary!  

Thirteen is but a number, a scary one to some!

But Our Lord defeats fear with the Sword of Love

And leads us to Perfect and Ever-Sweet Victory!

God bless you, Always, my Love!

I love you now as much or more than I ever have.



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