The Stalker



An excerpt from Phil Sanderson’s 2018: An Uncivil War:

A car pulled up along the curb about twenty feet away, and the birds flew away from the crow’s carcass just as soon as the occupant got out.  A large, black-haired Caucasian man scanned the neighborhood around him.  Content that no one was watching, he walked up to the mail box in front of the house, opened it, and removed the contents.  First, he confirmed the address of the letter at the top of the stack:  1986 Vandenberg Court.  Secondly, he was mainly interested in the names at the top of each postal address, Stuart Milligan, the first one read.  He rifled through the other mail and finally saw the name he had been hoping to see: Alessa C. Milligan.

The visitor knew this occupant as Alessa Compton, that special one that got away.  Since no cars were present at the house, the time was not yet right for him to see her again.  But being that he now knew where she lived, he would certainly be back after dark.


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