A Heated Conversation



An Excerpt from 2018: An Uncivil War:  

Terrence’s eyes finally shone soberly in spite of the beer he had just sipped, his fifth since walking in.  “Did you call the police?”

Stuart shook his head.

Now Terrance regarded him just as seriously with firm eye contact.  “Dude, next time, you better call the police.”

Stuart took a long pull at his beer, his third for the evening, and glared at his friend.  “If that son of a bitch comes around again, I’m planting his ass in the ground.”

Terrance could not believe what he had just heard.  “It ain’t your job to deal with these assholes!” 

“What if this guy is the one who raped our neighbor, and he comes back to my house again – if it was him the first time, which it very well could have been?”

“Stu, what the hell are you now?”  Terrance’s eyes hardened upon him.  “A vigilante?”

“What if this was Rebecca, and you were not a detective?”  Then he found a better way to rephrase the question.  “What gives you the right to protect the woman you love, and denies me the same right?”

“The law, for one.”  He now looked at his best friend as though he were stupid.  “If you break the law, what good is your relationship going to be if you are in jail?”  Stuart countered him quickly:  “What good would it be if she were dead, because I did not protect her while the police were nowhere to be found.”  Terrence replied just as quickly.  “If you don’t call us, how can we protect you?”  Now Stuart had a look of disgust on his face and had not even bothered looking at the table.  “The same way you guys protected our fellow neighbor?”

Now Terrance’s blood started to boil, and his face started to become red.  “How dare you accuse us of not doing our job!”  He threw his cue stick down on the table changing the position of several balls upon it.  After trying to calm down, he found himself looking for the right words.



Stupidity Is as Stupidity Does

It’s no wonder that Robin Thicke’s wife wants nothing more to do with him after this cheesy performance at the 2013 VMA Awards ceremony. In the pic above, it looks like he strangely enough impaled her all the way through the mouth!

I just read in an article on the “Us” website that Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are divorcing after eight years of marriage.  After seeing his sleazy performance with slut-muffin Miley Cyrus, it really is no wonder.

Whatever happened to the days when people had class and enough guts to do the right thing, even if it meant publicly embarrassing the hell out of someone who blatantly asked for it in the first place?

Way back in 1939, Errol Flynn — while on camera in the film The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex — had the balls to smack the extremely arrogant Bette Davis on her high-dollar ass so hard that it lifted her off the ground!  He had done it in retaliation for slapping him several times with a hand that was loaded down with costume jewelry.  The movie producers found the footage so hilarious, that they decided to keep it in the final cut of the film.  Hilariously enough, it concluded with the footage making it one of the most memorable parts of the movie as well as Hollywood film history!  You can read all about this in his autobiography, My Wicked, Wicked Ways.

Back to Robin Thicke, his wife, and the sleaze who — according to one source — was largely responsible for ending their marriage!  If Thicke truly valued his marriage, why did he continue letting the young harlot get twerky on his jerky?  He could have pulled an Errol Flynn and knee her in the ass making her stumble all over the place.  And if he really wanted to do it in a way that didn’t embarrass the trampy little wench, then he could have told her at rehearsal to “get off my stick!”  Maybe he wants to hook up with her himself.  Hell, for all we know, maybe he already did.

By the way, I don’t really care too much for Miley Cyrus.  I don’t really think too highly of Thicke after that notorious performance either.  And I wish Paula Patton all the best in removing herself from a very ugly and disgusting situation.

Phil Sanderson’s Social Media Marketing Report — 2/23/14


Yay!  I’ve reached and surpassed a good milestone on Twitter:  500 Follows!  All the other Social Media is lacking quite a bit, however.  I am on my way to reaching 50 likes on my Facebook page. As for my WordPress blog — by the grace of God — I have somehow acquired 16 followers, which is far better than I ever got elsewhere on other blog hosting sites.  As far as slower growth media, I’m finally  starting to get more friends on Goodreads.  But I’m still a total greenhorn on Google+ and various others on which I’m established.  I’ve yet to research more on all these other different ones.  I’m also examining some small-dollar investment opportunities to invest in paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook.

So all in all, thanks to all of you who have found an interest in me and continue to stay actively involved in my media.  You have been a true blessing from God to me.  For those of you who haven’t, if you are reading this and have a chance to support me on my various social media, I hope you will someday soon find some time to do so:

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Transparent My Ass!!!


Obama, at one time during his elections, campaigned that his would be a “transparent” presidency.  And from all that we have seen, here in America, nothing could be further than the truth!  In the video below, he blames former President Bush for using his executive power to bypass Congress:


Yet, look at some of his most recent comments on his executive power:

And I don’t know what surprises me more, the scandals that have occurred in his administration or the fact that people still believe in him and support him despite it all.  The stink runs afoul with the mere fact that he never fired the key individuals involved in the IRS targeting scandal, in which the notorious entity unto itself targeted conservative groups in order to unfairly gain unfair taxes.  These individuals were, instead, only transferred to another part of his administration.  And if you have ever been fired for being honest to your customer (like the author of this article!) then this only serves to rip your stomach out of your gut more so than simply turning it.

Another gut ripper is the way that his administration’s attempts to openly discuss all aspects of the investigation following the Benghazi attack.  This snippet from Wikipedia says volumes about it:

Critics including Republican Party members accused the Obama White House and State Department of over-emphasizing or fabricating the role of Islamic anger over the anti-Islamic movieInnocence of Muslims and alleged that the administration was reluctant to label the attack as “terrorist”.[205] Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who on the 13th of September said that the attacks had all the hallmarks of a coordinated attack by al-Qaeda,[206] has questioned whether there were any protests at all in Benghazi, saying: “I have seen no information that shows that there was a protest going on as you have seen around any other embassy at the time. It was clearly designed to be an attack.”[207] According to critics, the consulate site should have been secured better both before and after the attack.

On September 20, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a classified briefing to U.S. Senators,[208] which several Republican attendees criticized.[209] According to the article, senators were angered at the Obama administration’s rebuff of their attempts to learn details of the Benghazi attack, only to see that information published the next day in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

GOP legislators also took issue with delays in the investigation, which CNN attributed to “bureaucratic infighting” between the FBI, Justice, and State. On 26 September, Senator Johnny Isakson(R-Georgia) said he “cannot believe that the FBI is not on the ground yet.”[205]

All of the blame, the lies, and the smokescreens in this administration simply make me unable to believe anything anyone says in the Obama camp.  And this is horrible for a president who promised transparency to the American people.  Transparent my ass!!!

Guard Down!



An Excerpt from 2018: An Uncivil War

The other guard had been smoking a cigarette when he had gotten the call.  He had quickly discarded the cigarette and now ran around the very side of the house from which Stuart was expecting him.  This man actually removed his shotgun and was ready to shoot anyone not wearing a suit and overcoat.  He approached very slowly and cautiously, examining each and every shadow as he stepped forward with a paranoid gait. 

Before he knew what to expect, he heard and felt a freezing whoosh of air behind him and quickly rotated his body.  Stuart, while recovering from just jumping down from the building directly behind him, readied himself as the guard had spun around to address the noise and the rushed movement of air from behind him.  Stuart had promptly grabbed the barrel of the shotgun with his right hand, forcefully pulling it away from the surprised attacker.  He wielded his Ka-Bar in his left hand in the classic knife-fight position, with the blade facing out from the bottom part of his hand.  He stabbed it forcefully into the guy’s chest, puncturing his right lung.  This was the first time he had ever punctured a lung.  The sound of air leaving out of it was one that he would never forget.  It alone served as confirmation that he hit a vital area on his opponent.

The guard had tried to pull his shotgun away, but Stuart had pushed it forward unexpectedly, causing the fatally wounded guard to fall backward abruptly and accidentally letting go of it.  Stuart slammed the butt of the weapon downward into the guy’s right eye, collapsing that part of his skull invasively into his brain, thereby killing him instantly.

“Thanks for the shotgun, asshole.”  Stuart held the weapon out, examining it carefully…a Browning Maxus shotgun.  He looted shotgun shells off the body at his feet.

Test-Driving the Bible!


We’ve all heard stories about how God has gone all out of the way to talk to certain individuals in the Holy Bible.  We have heard the story of how God spoke to Moses in the form of a burning bush.  Many people may actually try to attribute it to the rare possibility that maybe Moses sampled some wild mushrooms growing by a nearby tree.  But after what I experienced today, I don’t find it too hard — AT ALL — to believe Moses’ account, and the accounts of all others who have ever claimed that God spoke to them either directly or indirectly.

It all started this morning when my wife (from whom I’m currently separated at this time) told me how God spoke to her.  She said a prayer to God asking for him to speak to her directly, and she randomly opened the Bible and read a passage directly next to where her thumb rested.  And, low-and-behold!, the passage addressed something of vital importance in her life at this moment in time.

Not long after she told me of this, I started feeling really depressed today — in spite of it being my wedding anniversary.  The truth is, and I do not normally publish this anywhere in the public eye, I am very concerned with all the walls I’ve found in my path of being a successful writer, and also just in trying to survive period, while apart from my wife and daughter.  My local newspaper just told me that I do not rate any local news coverage due to the fact that I am “only a self-published writer”; and on top of all this, I’ve tried to find either full or part-time work, to no avail.  

Very recently, I have accepted a sales job dealing with supplemental work insurance for organizations; but this pays only when I sell it; and not even very much at all in the very beginning.  I’ve set several appointments, and every time I think I am getting closer to a “yes”, something happens to either delay it, if not cancel it altogether.  

Right now, I’m about one month away from my car payment becoming due, with nary and idea as to how I am going to pay it.  In summary and despite being a print-published author, I’ve been feeling like a total failure lately. 

So I opened up to my wife about all of this.  She just encouraged me to read the Bible for answers.  And when I remembered hearing of her success this morning with her quick test-drive of the Bible, I figured I would do the same.  So I picked up the very same Holy Bible she had used and prepared to give it a go with her right by my side.

As I held the Bible and prepared to open it, she reminded me:  “You need to be very sincere in your prayer.”

So I prayed:  “Dear Lord, I feel like a total failure lately.  And I need your security this very moment.  Please speak to me through your Holy Word with a message of hope.”

And when I opened the Bible and put my index finger down on one of the pages, I could not believe the message I went to!  I was so shocked that I did not even look at the verse.  But it basically said something to the effect that God will give me strength, and that even the strong who stand before me can become weak when God grants me His strength.  This is really all I can remember of it; and it may not have been in those exact words.  But upon reading them, I suddenly felt as though God had picked me up and embraced me, whispering in my ear that “all is going to be well.”  And I began to cry unabashedly as I held my wife.

Part of me is embarrassed in posting this.  After all, I’m a former Marine who is not supposed to appear weak at any given time.  But the truth is that even the strongest lose strength at times.  Satan works hard to make this happen in our lives.  

But the truth is that I do not just see my blog as an opportunity to promote myself, my image, and my books, but also as a way to say thank you to each and every one of you for giving this new fiction writer a fair chance in life.  And it is the least I can do to share my experience in this Biblical Test-Drive with you in hopes that maybe you will find similar comfort.  

Do I believe I can do this every day with the same result?  Most likely not.  I firmly believe that God sees us when we are at our most vulnerable point in our lives.  And I believe that if we approach him with the utmost sincerity and hunger for his spiritual healing, I believe that he will work strange miracles in our lives like the ones he just worked for me and my wife.  

I pray that those of you out there who are just as thirsty for his Word and need his comfort will perhaps try a similar test-drive of your own Bibles.  And if you do not believe, I pray that you will read this and be challenged to try the same thing just to see what happens.  You never know!  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You and God could possibly become best buddies?  

To My Wife, With Godly Love



To my wife, with Godly love…

Our marriage has seen its fair share of ups

And its fair share of downs.

But in all our downs a great realization never occurred.

Our eyes were never lifted as should be.

We looked to each other.

We looked to our problems.

We tried to work together to work things out.

But together in marriage can be no further apart

From one another when we fail to include our Lord.

But we rarely looked up to Him.

Now we live in separate worlds.

And God has called us back together 

In non-judgmental Love for each other.

God, through His Holy Word has opened our eyes.

He does not want us to throw away 13 precious years.

In spite of the anger, the resentment, and the disagreements…

I still love you as I did the day we exchanged our vows.

Please forgive me for my anger, my resentment…

And the part I played in our disagreements.

For the most important part…on which we both now agree..

Is that we need to place Jesus at the helm of our marriage.

We need to socialize with others of like mind…

Even those who pretend to be…

For maybe we can lead them to the same resolve

And be the same blessing that Jesus has been to us.

I love and cherish you now and always, Abby.

Happy 13th Anniversary!  

Thirteen is but a number, a scary one to some!

But Our Lord defeats fear with the Sword of Love

And leads us to Perfect and Ever-Sweet Victory!

God bless you, Always, my Love!

I love you now as much or more than I ever have.