When the Hell Did the United States Become a Monarchy?


Obama has gotten away with more than his fair share of scandals in and out of the White House; he’s gotten away with lying to the American people countless times; and he has gotten away with rewriting the rules of government in ways that benefit only him and his party.  These same rules of governing were meant to keep a fair balance of power so that no one man had more power than Congress and no one government had more power than its people.  This same balance of power is key to a government by the people, for the people.  Now what we have is a government that prioritizes its own interests above that of the people it laughably claims to represent.

Transgression after transgression, why is he still in power?  Why is he allowed so much leeway and latitude?  Hell!  John F. Kennedy got assassinated for much less!  All he wanted to do was pull the troops out of Vietnam.  But this closet Muslim in patriot’s clothing has flaunted the audacity to apologize — on behalf of all Americans — for our arrogance.  He has even bowed to other world leaders symbolically taking us from being the world’s superpower to the world’s stupidpower.  

Not to sound ugly or anything, but why hasn’t anyone assassinated him yet?  Americans in Benghazi were killed on his watch, and very little was done about it.  Not only did his camp deny their negligence, but he even lied about his personal knowledge that this had been a terrorist attack.  These needless deaths happened because the embassy was not given the security support they had asked for well enough ahead of time that these deaths could have been prevented.  And no one answered for this betrayal by the very hand of our government.  No one ever does!  During the tax targeting scandal, the official responsible was simply moved to another position in government when she should have been fired.  No one has still answered for the mess known as The Affordable Healthcare Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.  The woman in charge of getting the website ready by its October 2013 deadline failed horribly, but — like everyone else — kept her job to only create more blunders within the upcoming weeks and months following.

I once got fired from a major retailer for being honest to customers.  But, only in Obama’s White House can you get people killed and be allowed to keep your job or — in the worst case — only be transferred to another one.

I don’t have the time to list specific examples and instances in this article, but look it up yourself!  You will see that Obama does what the hell he wants to do and continues to get away with it.  We have a Congress with no balls to impeach him; and we, the people, continue to let him stay in office when we really shouldn’t even be letting him breathe, especially after all he has done to discredit our nation and to mock our very faithful and fair system of government.  

Please understand that I don’t really want Obama to die.  I just want him to fear death and act accordingly in order to prevent it from happening.  But from what I’ve seen thus far, he not only acts without fear of accountability; but he somehow gets away with it over and over and over again.  

The United States, with the election of this man who cannot even produce a valid birth certificate, is now clearly a monarchy.  And not one single damned person here in this wonderful country can clearly tell when, where, or how the hell it happened.  

<Sarcastically> Hail!  Hail!  King Obama!


6 thoughts on “When the Hell Did the United States Become a Monarchy?”

    1. Not ALLof them lie to win elections, in MY humble opinion. But I will meet you more than halfway and say that MOST do. Mike Huckabee didn’t lie. But that is WHY he lost. It’s mighty damned sad that our political system does not support good, honorable candidates. :/

      1. Oh, yeah. Huckabee was lying, too. Even the extraordinarily religious lie. But politicians seem to be pathological liars, which, it seems, one has to be in order to be a successful politician.

      2. What has Huckabee lied about? If he has lied about anything, I’ve yet to discover it. Most of what I hear from him rings very true. The same cannot be said for our Muslim-in-Chief. 😉 If his lips are moving, he’s usually lying. What amazes me is how so many continue to believe and defend him!

      3. You haven’t discovered Huckabee’s lies because you like them! That is born out because you say, “Most of what I hear from him rings very true.”
        Most? Rings? That doesn’t support truth and facts. That simply indicates that you have the same beliefs and goals as him. There’s nothing wrong with that, really, but in our representative democracy, the pendulum swings this way and then that way. Right now it’s swinging this way. I remember the days when it swung that way, and it will swing that way again. Just wait. Meanwhile, I survived Bush, you’ll survive Obama.

        As I said, voters have to find the candidate whose lies they like. You like Huckabee’s lies, I like Obama’s lies, especially his lies about the Affordable Care Act, which has me covered by health insurance for the first time since 2003, and at a whopping $283 a month, with no lifetime cap! Yep, I’m a happy believer in Obama’s lies.

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