God, Death, and Taxes!


In this life, nothing can be more certain than God, death, and taxes.  No doubt some of you are scoffing at this comment.  Maybe some of you are thinking:  “…you mean “death and taxes.”  And that is NOT what I mean.  God is just as real as death and taxes.  If anything, He can give you a happy end toward either or both.

There are many different types of disbelievers.  You have your agnostics who really don’t know what the hell to believe.  You have your atheists who refuse to believe.  And then you have everything else in between.  

Faith is a very tricky thing.  It is definitely not easy to believe in that which you physically cannot see.  Strangely enough, some people refuse to believe in God for this very reason, but they have no trouble believing in ghosts and cannot pry themselves away from the television whenever the paranormal reality shows come on.  And to add insult to injury, they call many or all Christians hypocrites because of their sinful nature.  They do not even realize that the Bible already explains this very sinful and hypocritical nature.

I’ve heard some atheists argue that Christianity was created to make man feel better about death (and maybe even taxes!).  

My feeling on the matter is quite simple:  What the hell does it hurt to believe in God and practice that faith, knowing that this is the only remotely possible and best way to deal with death?  As I ask this question, somewhere a flustered atheist is standing up proudly, pounding his chest like a gorilla in the jungle, and saying:  “Why be ignorant, following the ignorant?  Have a brain and think about how asinine the Bible really is.”

As for the stories found in the Bible, many of them have been backed up with archeological evidence that disbelievers will insist were planted there or even go so far as to say are part of a fake and elaborate conspiracy theory.

And the arguments go on and on and on…

Anyone who has given God a chance to work in his or her life knows that God is every bit as real as death and taxes.  

I challenge all disbelievers to spend a year following God and allowing Him to work in their lives.  All they have to do is go to God in prayer, admit their sins, repent of those sins, and invite God to come into their hearts and clean up the mess therein.  And from that point forward pray regularly and read the Bible regularly.  The last part is so important, but I hate to admit that I do not even do this as regularly as I should.  Church is optional, though highly recommended.

I have no doubts that any atheists reading this are going to say “Humbug!” and not even bother to accept this challenge…

And they call us hypocrites!


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