Stepping in Doo Doo…


How many of us have ever owned yard dogs and had to cross the yard to get to our motor vehicle?

Better yet, how many of us have been in the very situation above, but had to cross the yard while dressed to the nines in business clothing or some other fancy getup?

Now let’s take it one step even further and suppose that maybe you have stepped in a very sloppily-laid land mine placed there by one or more of your dogs as mentioned in our very first sentence above…

While thinking about this compromising moment in time, I’d like to draw your attention to an episode of the X-Files in which Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) find the lair of Eugene Victor Tooms (played by Doug Hutchison), a monster who lives in the bile and liver of his victims in order to survive.  Mulder investigates the exact crevice where the strange fellow slept and managed to get some of the muck on his hand.  He said:  “Is there anyway I can get it off my fingers quickly without betraying my cool exterior?”
[shakes hand wildly]

Yes, we’ve all been guilty of it!  And — like Fox Mulder — we had wanted to shake our foot wildly without betraying our cool exteriors:

Stepping in Doo Doo!…

In some cases, we noticed it immediately.  In other cases, we noticed the foul smell and realized it after the fact.  And in even more rare cases, maybe we were the victim of the poop-in-the-paperbag prank, in which some practical joker knocked on our door and ran, leaving the damned thing burning on our porch!  In all cases, we found ourselves HAD by our own or someone else’s animal.

The important thing to do is to move on cooly and gracefully, not letting the event devastate our lives and bring worst things to come.

To me, addiction is a type of doo doo that many people step in and need to move away from just as quickly as they stepped into it.  And I salute 10 celebrities who have managed to do this and pray for all the others who are still trying.

  1. Martin Sheen:  I may not support the man’s political views, but I do support the way he beat alcoholism, self-reportedly through his Catholic faith.  The only drinking problem that I’ve ever personally had is not having enough money to buy booze, and no friends around to buy the first round.  😦
  2. Jamie Lee Curtis:  She became addicted to painkillers, an event not many knew about until her confession during an interview later in life.  I’ve never been addicted to painkillers, but know people who have been…victims of theft of property or just being panhandled to death by the victims of this addiction.
  3. Robert Downey Jr.:  This man really is Iron Man!  He went from charges of drug possession and overnight stays in jail to being able to reclaim his life using yoga, kung-fu, and the support of his wife!
  4. Kelly Osbourne:  This Princess of Darkness became addicted to Vicodin taking as many as 50 pills a day!  It took her four stints in rehab in order to retrieve her life.
  5. Robin Williams:  This king of comedy soon became the joker when he plummeted face-first into a world of drink and cocaine.  He credited the overdose of fellow comedian John Belushi and fatherhood with delivering the wake-up call that saved his life and career.  Huh!  And they say:  “Coke adds life!”  :/
  6. Nicole Richie:  Talk about a woman who knows personally about being strung out on heroin All Night Long!  She honorably absolved her parents from blame and commended the supportive of “great people” who helped her beat drug addiction.
  7. Drew Barrymore:  Whereas the late, great John Barrymore rolled in his grave as a result of this fine actress’s misbehavior, he now sits up proudly and salutes her victory of overcoming it!  She admits that she is not completely sober, but has achieved a more healthy balance in her life after beating drink and drugs that all started as early as age 9 in her life.
  8. Elton John:  Hail!  Hail!  The Queen of England!  He utilized drugs and drink to “fit in”.  He finally found peace after beating the old ways after having gone through everything from eating disorders to attempts of suicide.  Well done, Sir Elton!
  9. Steven Tyler:  This man claims to have spent more than $20 million on drugs over the years!  This is just simply crazy!  He could have given that money to the poor or to…YES, THAT’S IT!…STRUGGLING WRITERS!
  10. Jodie Sweetin:  This woman is certainly no stranger to methamphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy…nor a $53,626.29 tax burden, which she just reportedly finished paying off!

My hat is definitely off to these people who stepped in doo doo and managed to make it to the doormat and get it all off before entering their own personal Houses of the Holy!  The only tough addiction I’ve ever faced is that of playing video games; I managed to beat it a little more than one year ago when I decided to pursue writing seriously.  Aw!  The money I have saved or reinvested ever since!

To all of you who are facing addictions now as you read this, may I please implore you to get help for yourself.  You can most likely find help at nearby churches or other organizations like the Lighthouse Ministry.  Here is a good article on Wikipedia for you to check out for yourself:  Face it!  The time has come for you to find a similar victory as those mentioned above…time to take your life back!


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