Struggling Writer? Hmph! No Kidding!

Author Photo

I am a former Marine Corps and civilian photojournalist who just finished publishing my very first novel in e-book format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  My wife has asked me to leave the house, since I wish to spend more time promoting my novel than doing housework.  She says I’m lazy.  I tell her I’m ambitious.  Who the hell knows?  Maybe we are both right.

As a writer, I am not lazy at all.  My breakout novel, 2018: An Uncivil War, boasts 534 pages of political intrigue and enough action to keep your fingers busy turning pages.  I refuse to let the fact that I am no longer living at home affect my writing ambitions.  My novel is about to be released in print by AuthorHouse Publishing, already in the production stage!  And I am currently hard at work forming the bare bones of my next novel.

However, I only have a temporary income of only $184 per week; but that’s okay!  I’m a Marine.  I’ve survived on less!

Right now, I have no one following my blog.  But it would be a complete honor if you were to become the first!  To find out more about me, please check out my official website.

If my wife is right about me, I’m probably too damned lazy to go out and hold a pan for money in the rain…but if you really don’t mind, please buy my book for only $6.99  instead!  (The links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble are in the first paragraph above.)


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